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Q: As an industry expert and small business owner, what are the 2 biggest issues challenging you as you strive to build a profitable and successful business?
Q: Hi, I got a 5 year old son and I have noticed in 1 month that every hour he is going to the toilet to urinate, every second or third day he complains that his stomach hurts and then he needs to go to the toilet to do number 2, every second or third day he is complaining that he has a head ache, but he doesnt say he is thirsty to many times!! his drinking still remains the same. I am worried that he might have diabeties or his is feeling emotional because he just started school 1 month ago?
A: Hi Anne Marie

Sorry to hear about the issue your son is having. Unfortunately, at this point in time, we don't have medical experts on the platform.

We do however strongly suggest you make an appointment to see your local doctor especially if you have concerns or family history of diabetes.

Maybe a platform like https://www.healthshare.com.au could also be of assistance

We wish you and the young fella all the very best.

Kind regards

Q: Where can I find the PX for the BBSW1M Index from Nov 2015 to current?
A: Hi Chan

We're not 100% sure of the question but here is a link that might be a good starting point.


We hope this helps

Best wishes
Q: Breaking News

Australian Prime Minister announces there will be a Royal Commission into the Financial Services Industry

Mr Turnbull says Australia's financial system is admirable but there have been instances of poor practice.

Consumers must be protected, Mr Turnbull says, and the financial services sector must remain stable.

Do you agree with the Government's decision?
Q: Hi there,
There is no category listed for my query regarding tertiary education so I’m just putting it out there. Long story short, My wife is doing a diploma in nursing, the company she signed up with went down the gurgler, after a six week period in limbo another company took over at the same place under a new banner with the same muppets running the show. Since such time it has gone from pretty ordinary to really bad. What type of solicitor deals with education issues?
A: Hi Paul

There are a limited number of lawyers on the platform at present however here are some links to lawyers you might like to make contact with

• Patrick Earl in Stafford Qld - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1519/patrick-earl
• LegalVision – online legal service - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1240/legalvision
• Coutts Solicitors in NSW - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1286/coutts-solicitors-conveyancers

Given your question it sure sounds like your wife has the right to be asking the company some questions

Best wishes
Q: I have a commercial business lease and a clause that was added and agreed upon by landlord to have work done to the premises. If that work is not done what action as a tentant can I take ?
A: Hi Natasha

We’ve assumed you had a lawyer review the commercial terms prior to signing the lease. If the commitment they made didn’t form part of the lease agreement then as a starting point you could write to the landlord and request they confirm the timeframe for when the work will be completed.

It is very important you seek sound legal advice and we’d recommended making contact with either

• Coutts Solicitors and Conveyancers - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1286/coutts-solicitors-conveyancers

• Legal Vision - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1240/legalvision

It’s also important you continue to meet your obligations under the terms of the lease, especially until you are able to establish your legal position

All the best and we hope it works out for you and your business

Q: Less than 24 hours before the race that stops a nation

So who's everyone tipping?
Q: My accountant did not include total charity donation in last years return leaving $4000 for this year, then said oops, can't claim, can claim only in the year it is paid. Is this correct?
Then this year, supplied calculations to take to Centrelink re appeal for pension.
Centrelink reviewed calculations for profit on shares but said they were not interested in any Figures as they are DEEMED on total face value of shares. Have I got a totally useless account. $200 for useless, unusable advice??
A: Hi Diana

Sorry to hear you haven't had such a great experience.

If you are looking for a new accountant, there are a number of accountants who are quite active on simplyaskit you might like to get in touch with. Click on their profile and you'll be able to see their answers to other users questions as well as see their blogs and videos.

• Andrew Jeffers - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1850/andrew-jeffers
• Brendan Curran- https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1964/brendan-curran
• Suresh Rajani - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1495/suresh-rajani
• David Ratcliffe - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/552/david-ratcliffe
• Jenny Thai - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1577/jenny-thai

We hope this information helps

Best wishes

Q: We have recently exchanged and completed on the purchase of a property and now find that we will not informed of the correct boundary lines and the land area is not what we were told. What can we do??
A: Hi Silvia

Sorry to hear of your predicament. We’d suggest speaking to your conveyancer and establish what has actually occurred and then seek legal advice.

If you don’t know of a legal firm that might be able to assist we’d like to provide you with a couple of links to legal firms that are proactive on simplyaskit

• Coutts Solicitors and Conveyancers - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1286/coutts-solicitors-conveyancers

• LegalVision - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1240/legalvision

We hope you are able to find some satisfaction will your issue

All the best
Finder.com.au podcast guest is simplyaskit founder Paul Ryan

Q: i have been operating a hotel three years and now cannot contact the owner what can i do?He wants to sell business and we have a buyer but we cannot find him anywhere.
A: Hi Sue

We’d suggest trying to make contact the owners family and hopefully, they can shed some light on how you can get in touch.

Hope it works out for you all, best wishes

Q: My partner and I are looking to rent together for the first time. However I don't know where to start. I'm having trouble determining an area, don't know what to expect regarding the process and don't know how early to start looking?
A: Thank you Emma for your question, it’s an exciting time for you both.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you decide to rent with someone else for the first time. The questions you raised are a great starting point so it’s important for you both to have an open and honest discussion with each other in regards to:

• if you rent together and are both on the lease then you are both responsible for the rent you pay and terms of the lease. If either party fails to meet their individual obligations then the other party will still be responsible.
• what is your individual and combined budget for rent, utilities, and living expenses?
• if you both work, how do you get to work and how important is it to be close to public transport work?
• how close do you want or need to be to family, friends, work or other activities or commitments?
• what type of property would you like to live in, what space do you individually need?

Once you go through these questions together you will be able to determine how much rent you can pay and the type of property you’d like to rent. This will then determine the areas in which you can start looking.

You can use websites such as www.realestate.com.au or www.domain.com.au to search for properties to rent. They will give you an idea of the type and quality of properties that fit within your budget.

Each rental property is more than likely managed by a real estate agent so if you see a property you like you can contact the agent to ask questions and request to see the property. When you start looking for properties and speaking to agents you’ll start to get an understanding of how quick you need to move and make decisions. Some properties get snapped up by tenants pretty quickly but each property is different so it is best to speak to individual agents.

To secure a property you will need to make an application with the agent/landlord and you’ll be required to submit a range of information so they can get to know you more and make an informed decision on whether to accept your application or not. The information may include one or two references so it is best to ask some of the local agents and start preparing for what they need.

On acceptance of your application, you will be asked to pay a rental bond (normally equivalent to 2-4 weeks rent) and probably 2 weeks rent in advance. Again, you need to ensure you have the budget to meet these requirements.

It is an exciting time for you both, but finding a place to place can be a little frustrating. We’d suggest you establish your budget, don’t put too much pressure on yourselves in terms of timing and make some appointments to meet with a few agents of where you believe you can afford to rent.

It might be an idea to make contact with a business like Renterscard - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1432/renterscard. From what we understand their business is about making the process of finding a property to rent a little easier

Always remember to ask a lot of questions. The more questions you ask the more you’ll understand the process and what’s required.

All the best and we hope this information helps.

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