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Mark Fitzpatrick

Current Rating: 3.18 / 5
Mortgage Broker
Astute Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie, New South Wales
0410 442936
I have been in the finance industry since 2002 and as the Principal of Astute Financial Port Macquarie, I can help all clients who are in need of Finance, Insurance or Wealth products.

✔ I will help you find the most suitable product for you or your business.
✔ I genuinely care about you and your business.
✔ I deliver Real and Ongoing Results.

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Call: ✆ (041) 044-2936 (Mobile)
Email: ✉ mark.fitzpatrick@astutefinancial.com.au

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Q: Fun Friday

What quote resonates with you, inspiring you to move forward?
A: The world is changed by your example, not your opinion
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Are you torn between fixed rate and variable rate home loans?
No need to stress, there is always something right in front of us to make us smile again
What if you split your loan and had it part fixed and part variable?
With a fixed rate mortgage, you will hav ...
Q: I'm 55 my preservation age is 59. I have an personal super plan maturing soon. If I let it mature and don't spend the money, will I be taxed on this money. Or should I reinvest before maturity?
Also, I have an investment property I wish to sell. Can I avoid CGT if i live in this property? If so, for how long?
A: Speak to your accountant for advice
Q: What are indexed international shares for superannuation mean?
A: Speak with your accountant as they can advise better
Q: I am intending to purchase a commercial property - what advice can you offer to not pay GST and reduce stamp duty?
A: Best practice is to speak to your accountant
Q: I want to get my first home loan in Australia. What is the difference between a basic home loan and a normal home loan, thank you
A: Don’t be confused about this
Just different types of loans lenders offer
Basic is generally no offset
Normal is called standard, cones with offset

Hope this helps
Q: Homer Simpson is selling his farm of two titles (one old title and one Torrens Title) and the parties have agreed the vendor will provide two Transfer of Land Act titles. However, the new purchaser does not want to pay GST and keep stamp duty to a minimum. What advice could you offer to not pay GST and reduce stamp duty? What documents have to be prepared for the conversion to a transfer of title?
A: What does Marg think of all of this ?? Haha
Q: I have heard that when applying for loans, the major 4 banks now have access to each others banking data (with your consent when applying) to prove discretional spending and other loans held in your name - is this true?
A: Sadly I think we will never really know the real answer
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Astute Port Macquarie expands into insurance
Big news.
Astute Port Macquarie service offering has now expanded for our existing and new customers as we help provide you with the most appropriate general insurance cover, at the most appropriate ...
Q: Should financial literacy such as savings plans, credit scoring, personal finance, credit cards, interest rates, home loans, interest calculations, buying and selling and the value of money all form an important component of the high school curriculum?
A: 100% agree. I think it should be part of school and we should start having more focus on these subjects at school level.
Not aligning to one particular bank either should be a focus, lets open the playing field up, lets not just make it about sales for the banks to cash in
Lets keep the focus on education......
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Saving thousands when buying a new car
Here are a few tips to help you get started. 
Timing - the time of the year can be a massive factor in how much (or how little) you pay for your car. Buying towards the end of the financial ...
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First home buyer gets a win in Maroubra
My client’s purchased this classic little beauty in the well-known suburb of Maroubra in the eastern suburbs of Sydney
Our Team at Astute Finance Port Macquarie secured a very good interest ...
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Are you a business owner and looking to buy a new car?
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More often than not they choose a Chattel Mortgage. Here are a cou ...
Q: Hi

Our home loan is with CBA $540,000 and the property would be valued around 800,000… we both work, 2 kids 8 and 10 and we don’t like credit cards. The rate is 4.19%, what is the best rate we could get by refinancing?

Thank you
A: Hi Phoebe
Best rate is Suncorp
No offset account
Variable PI
Q: Ok sports fans...

State of Origin - NSW or QLD?
A: NSW by 2
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Is buying off the plan right for you?
When you think about buying off the plan you probably got images of a city location, plenty of spade, a modern design, quality appliances and good amenities. Sounds all very inviting, doesn’ ...
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Is the interest rate on my home loan going to increase?
Difficult question to answer with any great certainty however most economist believe that this is going to happen whether we like it or not.
Many Australian home loan borrowers are used to record low ...
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Are you concerned about interest rates?
One of the great things about my business is the opportunity to speak to my clients and keep them informed and help stay on top of their finances. I love it.
Over the past 4 weeks, 90% of our chats h ...
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How to get a better home loan
I’m often asked how often people should review their home loan or even look for a better home loan deal? 
The question general stems from borrowers wanting to reduce their monthly ...
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Are you thinking about renovating or building a brand new home?
If the answer to the question is yes, then we better talk about finance and constructions loans.
Construction loans are different to your typical mortgage you would use to buy a residential property. ...
Q: We have too many loans and want to see if we consolidate a $485,000 home loan, personal loan $7,000 and 3 credit cards $17,000. The rate on our loan is 4.29% with Westpac and the house would be worth around $750,000.

Can we get a lower rate and what would the repayments be? thanks
A: Sure can and just about every single bank in the market
The choice is yours ??
Q: Hi, is there a way I can calculate how much mortgage insurance will be?
A: Try any of the bank websites if unable contact a broker or visit bank
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Is it better to buy a house or a unit as an investment?
I hear this question all the time.
There’s a saying, land appreciates and buildings depreciate and it tends to give many investors the impression they should favour houses over units.
Here ...
Q: We have had our home loan with Pepper for 2 years after having a small credit issue. The rate is 5.2% and we would like to know if we have options to refinance. Is 2 years long enough?
A: Jerry
Quick answer is yes and you may be surprised just want you may be able to achieve now
Please contact me mobile to discuss and I can go to work for you
Q: Hello, I earn $120k a year and looking to buy an investment property to get into the property market.

My parents have offered to help but I have some questions as I don’t want to expose them.

If they give me 10% deposit can I borrow 90% or do they have to be on the loan?

Do they have to be on title and do they have to mortgage one of their properties?
A: Hi Sally
It’s hard to answer your question correctly without finding out further details
Please feel free to contact me directly on mobile
Q: Our home loan is 50% variable and 50% fixed….. and the fixed term is about to mature. The variable rate is 4.39% and they have offered 2 years at 3.99% and 3 years at 4.09% or make it all variable. Are these the best rate available on a 620k loan?
A: Hi Kathy
No the 4.39% is too high
If your loan value ration is below 80%
3.64% is one of the banks I can obtain for you
Even on he fixed rate I can obtain lower
Q: We want to buy an investment property in Port Macquarie, Price - $720,000. We own are own home and want advice if we can use the equity to buying the property and cover all the costs. Our home would be around $330,000. Can the property in Port just be in my husband’s name as he works full time - income $85,000, thank you?
A: Hi Debbie, I live in port macquarie and have most of my life, I’d be happy to drop over and see you
Q: Our home loan has been fixed for 3 years as we wanted certainty in the repayments and haven’t paid off much off the principal.

We want to pay more now but have been offered 3.89% for 3 years. Should we fix again or have a variable rate so we can pay more?
A: Hi Isabel, thanks for the question and I can see why you asked, depending which bank you ate with being variable certainly keeps your loan open to many options whilst fixing provides certainty of the rate can limit you to some degree.
I’d be happy to discuss and share with you what all the banks on my panel offer and we could provide you with a clear comparison to see if we would then consider this to be a good deal for your own personal circumstances
Q: I am thinking of buying my first investment property. Would you recommend a negative gearing strategy and have the loan interest only or should I go principal and interest and look to create more equity?
A: Hi Margot
Ok, I think it’s a variety of factors that may effect your decision on which way to go
1. Proposed rental return for the purchase
2. Secured interest rate from the bank

The above 2 can have a considerable affect on your decision and when I deal with my clients we always got through in details all the options to see why is comfortable and what works within your budget

Happy to chat further if you need
Mark 😁
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Profile Interview with Mortgage Broker Mark Fitzpatrick from Astute Financial Port Macquarie
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What is your occupation and what service do you provide?
Principal of Astute Financial Port Macquarie
Home and Investment Loan, Commercial Loans, Refinancing, Equipment and ...
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Q: For the loan to purchase our home we borrowed about 90% and had to pay mortgage insurance. If we refinance does it mean we have to pay it again?
A: Depends on your property value
Give me a call I can provide more details if you like