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Real Estate Agent
Killara, New South Wales
Sachs Real Estate is located in Killara on the North Shore of Sydney and has been operating since 2000.

Our experienced sales team and support staff provide the best advice and service using the comprehensive resources to ensure we keep up to date with the market trends.

We offer a personalised service in selling your property.
We will take the time to explain exactly what is involved in the sale process.
We will offer a professional appraisal and an accurate market assessment of your property with a comprehensive explanation of all the costs involved in selling.
We will advise on marketing and advertising options and assist you in selecting an appropriate campaign for sale.
We are able to help you prepare your property for sale weighing up cost against maximum possible returns.
We will keep you fully up to date and informed throughout the sale process.
We are experienced in the supervision of refurbishment projects as properties often require some work to deliver better outcomes.

We pride ourselves on being able to recognise the potential in each property maximise its sale value.

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Q: Fun Friday

What quote resonates with you, inspiring you to move forward?
A: Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up
Q: Attending my first auction tomorrow as loan approval came through yesterday. Does anyone have any words of advice or tips on bidding?

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For sale - 9/468 Pacific Highway Lindfield NSW 2070
Light Filled Two Bedroom Apartment!
Starting Saturday 28 July 2018
This light filled two bedroom apartment with a tranquil garden outlook offers a stylish and low maintenance lifestyle. 
A ...
Q: Should financial literacy such as savings plans, credit scoring, personal finance, credit cards, interest rates, home loans, interest calculations, buying and selling and the value of money all form an important component of the high school curriculum?
A: I remember my time at school and wondering how Pythagoras was going to help me through life….I’m still wondering.

100% agree with the sentiment. There should be a lot more focus for our kids at school to be learning on subject matters or topics that will affect them every day after they leave school.
Q: What's the best thing you can do when negotiating with someone who clearly is a better negotiator?
A: Ask Questions!! He who asks the questions controls the conversation!

Pete Sachs
Q: Starting, growing, managing and leading a business is a tough gig. It's important we don't forget the lighter side of things, have a bit of fun so here's my 10 point accountability tool using the initial of my first name.

Partnerships – continue to build partnerships with people - you never know who could be or help create a new business opportunity.

Payment – if you're running a business, you're not guaranteed a paycheque each Friday. You need paying customers so respect and understand your own time management, systems, processes, profit margins and the value you offer.

Persistence – ain't that the truth. The key to persistence is being able to celebrate wins and enjoy the moment.

People – surround yourself with good people who believe in the business, the vision and prepared to go outside their comfort zone for themselves, the business and the team.

Plan – long and short term. Make Monday the day you plan for what you want to achieve the following week and see how many meeting you have scheduled. If the calendar is bare then you can’t expect to achieve any plans.

Play – play around with ideas and sales pitches for selling. It's not an exact science and yes you're a salesperson, we all are. Put an imaginary hat on and just play the role. Who wouldn't want to be an actor in a Hollywood blockbuster?

Poor me – you’ve only got a couple of minutes because people will stop listening. Keep the glass half full.

Process – what processes do you have in your business to ensure your customers have the best possible experience?

Procrastinate – Recently, I was working with a group of 10 self-employed people and they were asked to write down the one thing they would like to stop doing for their business to move forward. Everyone, 100% had written “stop procrastinating” What’s the Nike slogan?

Proud – be proud of what you do. I meet a guy a couple of weeks ago who just started his own I.T business. When I asked him what the business was he looked down at the ground and mumbled IT Services. If you aren’t proud and if you haven't got that imaginary hat on then why would people pay for your services or products?

There's mine, I’d love to hear yours. If your first name starts with a P, then feel free to put the hat on.
A: As Paul has taken the P's from me, I thought I'd share the keys we use to build a successful business:

Create and Dream, Inspire and be inspired... But always trust your instinct -
Often we get too close to the coal face and can't see the wood for the trees.
Step away, out of you physical and business zone, then take a look from a different perspective... Life grinds on around the world daily and there are lessons to be learned and solutions to be found in the most obscure places. Get out there and live, the more you see the more you learn, the more you do, the more you can do.
In my experience the entrepreneurs who reap the highest rewards are those who actively manage their dream / goal attainment process. You have to visualise the future or business direction you desire and then affirm it until it becomes your reality.

Contacts / Contracts / Confidants -
An effective and trustworthy accountant and a clever lawyer should be the foundation of every business.
A trusted circle of confidants, accumulated over time and industries can only enhance your knowledge pool and bring a variety of equally valid ideas and solutions to challenges you may share with them. Remember, history repeats itself. So, astute mentors with more life experience than you, as well as young fresh visionaries are key. Whatever issue or challenge you have, someone else has either been there before you or will follow.
The mantra "the more you give the more you receive" is true, so be generous with your knowledge, in my experience it has come back ten fold.

Cash Flow / Costs -
Keep the cash flowing and contain the costs. Once the costs are contained, contain them again and then halve them... Cash flow is paramount for any business, any size to survive.
My biggest value cost is my time, which most people negate. Your time is valuable and you should account for it accordingly. Analyse, prioritise and allocate. The most successful people I have worked with never book 1 hour meetings, most issues can be resolved in a 15minute window, and some highly effective operators can work to even tighter time parameters.

Compromise -
Know when and where to compromise.
Do not compromise on core strategy, but do compromise on everything else to move forward.
Progress is the imperative, progress at optimum velocity is quintessential in this day and age to survive, so you will have to compromise to progress.

Competition -
"Imitation is the highest form of flattery" (so said Coco Chanel). So if you have a great business idea, prepare to be imitated. You have to be two of the following three things...
Be the first, be the best or be the cheapest... Pick two and work steadfastly towards your goal.
Be mindful of what the competition is up to but don't waste time and energy on anything you have no control over.

Control / Delegate -
Control the business and control the delegation of tasks and roles to those who are best suited to execute. You can not do everything if the business is to grow in an optimal fashion.
By delegating to the the best possible executrix, you entrust their judgement and know-how.
Never give up control until you sell. The vision and goals of the business can easily be derailed if there are too many shareholders with differing vested / auxiliary interests.

Care -
Care for yourself, your family and your colleagues, physically, mentally as well as spiritually.
Lead by example and keep focused on the bigger picture.
Avoid letting setbacks, which at a later date will be forgotten, get under your skin in the present and distract you from your end goal.
Don't exist in the unknown future or get bogged down in the past, live in the present... and make each and every day count. Tempus Fugit....

All the best
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For sale – 16/135-145 Sailors Bay Road Northbridge NSW 2063
Manhattan Style Apartment - Position Perfect!
3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car spaces 
A second-floor apartment in the prestige security Castle Gardens complex enjoys a sun-soak ...
Q: How do you go about arranging a quote for comprehensive car insurance through a broker, rather than direct with the insurers? (Question resubmitted, minus typos!)
A: Hi Simon

If you don’t know an insurance broker I can highly recommend Michael McMahon from Gibson Insurance Brokers at Chatswood.

Michael number is 02 94112200


Q: Ok sports fans...

State of Origin - NSW or QLD?
A: 12/12
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For sale - 4/1-3 Park Avenue Waitara NSW 2077
SoldLight Filled Two Bedroom Apartment!
This beautifully presented light filled two bedroom apartment offers convenience, lifestyle and ultra-modern living. Stroll to Waitara & Hornsby, trans ...
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For Sale - 22 Duneba Avenue West Pymble NSW 2073
Sold22 Duneba Avenue West Pymble
Charming Family Home
This charming family home situated in a premier location offers privacy and comfortable living. 
4 bedroom. 1 Bathroom. 2 Carport Spac ...
Q: Fun Friday,

Can you name a movie quote that gives away the film without saying the title?
A: I feel the need the need for speed!
Q: Hi, we were looking at renting a boarding room for our son with the licensing agreement being in my husband and my son's name. My husband has signed it but my son hasn't as we aren't sure if we want the room now. We have paid a holding fee, bond, next weeks rent and a licence preparation fee. The real estate agent says that we will have to pay a break licence fee and continue to pay rent until someone else takes the room even though we haven't moved in. Is this correct? Thanks Rhonda

Q: What is the procedure for a property leasing agent to hand the management of a property to another leasing agent to manage?

Q: How much bond is to be charged on a rental property and what type of account does it have to be maintained in?
A: Hi Linda, thank you for your question.

In NSW a prospective tenant is required to pay the equivalent of 4 weeks rent upfront and the funds are paid to the rental bond board. The funds are not held in trust by the real estate agent so it is important when you do pay the bond you make the payment to the rental bond board.

I notice you’re in Northern Territory so here’s a link that you might find useful:


All the best

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Sachs Real Estate about to open new office
We're delighted the renovations are nearly complete and so excited to be launching.........well you'll just have to get in touch to find out more.
Drop in and say g'day - 668 Pacific Highway Killara ...
Q: We have two young kids and wanting to get into a home on Sydney’s North Shore. Our budget is $1.6m and the lower north shore seems out of our reach so we wanted to ask if there are some areas further north we should look at?
A: Thanks Stephanie, not at the moment. The best place to look is Realestate.com or Domain.com. For further help please contact me on 0410 62 72 12.


Q: We have two young kids and wanting to get into a home on Sydney’s North Shore. Our budget is $1.6m and the lower north shore seems out of our reach so we wanted to ask if there are some areas further north we should look at?

Q: I an looking for a cheap way stylise a property for sale ?

Sachs Real Estate can help you create an exciting new living environment

Q: I’m looking at buying a property for long term investment and capital gain. What are the factors I should be considering and would a new unit off the plan be a better option or an older house with land?

Peter Sachs of Sachs Real Estate talks to simplyaskit about real estate agents offering incentives to sell properties
Our renovation journey of 14 Blenheim Road Lindfield NSW

Q: when you sell a house as a realestate salesperson. Do you receive the full commission or does the agency you work for get a percentage. and or does any of the commission get taxed?

Q: Hi, My agent called Monday to arrange a showing of my home on Thursday/Friday to buyers. Never showed. The following Wednesday, unannounced he turns up. I was still in dressing gown and the place needed a little tidying up. Showing was embarrassing and didn't go well. Buyers didn't come back. Is this normal practice for agents, or is there something wrong with mine? Thank you.

Q: When making an offer on a property where should your initial offer come in at?

Q: As the importance of company culture is widely recognised for not only financial success, but also staff retention, job satisfaction, and productivity within the business, I’m wondering, what strategies have others found effective in building and promoting a positive and high-spirited team culture?

Q: How do I find a buyer's agent for investment property?

Q: When applying for a rental, is the landlord thee persons who make the final decision on who rents the property. And can a real estate have a application in before the landlord has even brought the property, but throw other applicants out without calling references, even when the landlord has been in contact with you everyday and spoke to the real estate about myself.?

Q: Have you used a buyer's agent or buyer's advocate to purchase a home? What has the experience been like? Do they offer good value for money?
A: Hi Larry,

All great comments above from everyone!

I would just add one more comment. The service you are paying for, like any other in real estate, is for loyalty and trust ,and your best interests, thus educating and empowering you to make the most informed and educated decision.

It is crucial to find someone who is free from ulterior motives or pressures that may influence your final decision. You must feel confident that they are adding value by being involved e.g. making you money or saving you money.

This should be underpinned by a healthy track record with previous clients.

All the very best with your property decisions.


Pete Sachs
Q: My partner and I are renters in Sydney and applying for new units in Pyrmont. We are excellent tenants and have been in the same unit happily for almost 4 years, but have had at least 3 unsuccessful applications recently. Are homeowners/property managers looking for a certain percentage higher on the asking prices in competitive areas? How can we increase the competitiveness of our application?
A: Excellent answer Albert. You have fully covered the question.
As we are placing tenants in properties all the time and are assessing applications it is vital to get an application in to the rental agent as soon as possible as these are considered in order of receipt.
The key things we are looking for
Proven track record through tenancy reference from current agent. Rent paid on time and care of property.
Confirmation of employment and ability to make rent payments.
Understanding to Abide by the strata by-laws if applicable.
Long term tenant prospects are always looked upon more favourably.
Q: I have just had my fourth child and my wife would like me to update our life insurance, How do i work out the amount?
Q: I'm looking to purchase a new 7 seater and tossing up between the Toyota Kluger and Prado. Has anyone got any advice based on experience?