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Steve Weston

Financial Services Executive
Weston Management Services
North Sydney, New South Wales
0458 858085
30 years+ retail banking experience in Australia, and the UK.

Co-founder and CEO at volt bank

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Volt Bank Partners with Paypal
Exciting news as published in today’s Financial Review
Start-up Volt Bank hopes to tackle customer inertia in the banking sector by partnering with global payment giant PayPal to make the s ...
Q: NRL Grand Final, who will win

Sydney Roosters or Melbourne Storm?
A: Storm by 7
Volt Bank - launching a neo bank using Cloud

Volt Bank - the team

Effective strategies to build a strong business culture

blog post
Volt Bank granted Australia's first restricted digital banking licence
A new era of banking competition set to arrive with volt bank granted first restricted banking licence under Federal Government innovation agenda  
Monday  May  7, ...
Q: Can anyone tell me what the current average loan duration for a principal and interest (owner occupied) loan is in Australia?
A: Prime P & I loans are running at an average loan life of 4.01 years according to a friend of mine that runs a RMBS investment business.
Q: Hi, I’m interested in understanding the techniques people use to keep their staff motivated and interested. We are getting too many complaints from customers and it is starting to affect our business?
A: Joanne

It can be soul-destroying for staff if the root-cause of the complaints isn't being addressed. I would make sure you and your senior team spend time speaking with the customers who are making the complaints. This will show the team that the bosses are willing to get their hands dirty. It will also provide management with direct feedback on what's driving the complaints so that the issues can be fixed.

Also ask the team what they believe needs to be done to improve the situation. More often than not, they have the answers. Feeling that they are empowered to suggest (and make) improvements is a great way to improve employee morale and engagement.

Hope this helps and good luck you with your business.

Q: As the importance of company culture is widely recognised for not only financial success, but also staff retention, job satisfaction, and productivity within the business, I’m wondering, what strategies have others found effective in building and promoting a positive and high-spirited team culture?

Q: Just started my own business and interested in what some experts say is the best business advice they ever received?