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Q: Asking for a friend who lives in an Retirement Village -
She has a small unit, half the size of many other dwellings, the house takes up the whole block. She pays the same land rental as the larger dwellings and their larger sized blocks which can accommodate caravans, boats,etc.
Is there any avenue that can be tried to get her payments more in line with her
very small imprint. ????
Q: Inquiring for an elderly friend who is trying to get her estate in order. She does not want her family to have anything when she dies (she feels that they have got enough from her as it is and doesn't even want to mention them by name in her will) -
all money is to be left to charity.
She is assuming that once she dies and the will is in the hands of the solicitor he will then action and wind up the estate.
I should mention that she is living in Qld.
Q: Taxation query
I am asking for a friend. She was advised by the Commonwealth Bank to purchase their shares. She has now lost $36k due to their advice. Is there any way that she can claim this on her tax.
Thank you
Q: Regarding Wills.
Wishing to make out a will and living in Queensland. Do I have to include my children in the will. I would prefer not to mention them but was told that legally I cannot exclude them from my will.
Many Thanks
Q: My accountant did not include total charity donation in last years return leaving $4000 for this year, then said oops, can't claim, can claim only in the year it is paid. Is this correct?
Then this year, supplied calculations to take to Centrelink re appeal for pension.
Centrelink reviewed calculations for profit on shares but said they were not interested in any Figures as they are DEEMED on total face value of shares. Have I got a totally useless account. $200 for useless, unusable advice??