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Oleg Mazkovoi

Finance Broker
Lend Perspective
North Sydney, New South Wales
0412 261 310
I've recently taken the leap from working in a comfortable and secure position with the Big Banks and have gone out on my own to become a Mortgage Broker as I believe I can truly have a positive impact on people's lives by helping them ascertain their goals faster and with less stress.

Finance has always been an expected but scary part of most people's lives as they chase the Australian dream to build their wealth through property. With lending becoming more and more complex with each and every day, I'm fortunate enough to be able to help my clients realise their financial needs and allow them to focus on what truly matters in life - their family and friends, well-being, and enjoying life's experiences!

Every day I have meaningful conversations with my clients, acting as their professional partner and finance coach. My aim is to inspire, motivate and guide them to make sound financial decisions that will allow them to maximise their ability to live the life they want and value.

I do this by working closely with my clients as a collaborative team; exploring and truly understanding their goals but more importantly what they think is 'unattainable'. I'm not trying to make my clients wealthy through their finance, but rather to devise a strategy that allows them to reach their financial freedom sooner and unlock that unattainable.

People are at the centre of everything that I do and I'm looking to build relationships for life.

If you would like to find out more or have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.
Call: ✆ 0412 261 310
Email: ✉ omazkovoi@lendperspective.com.au
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My Activity

Q: Hi,
As a father of a mortgage broker who has 8 years’ experience I want to know why the Royal Commission and Government would be denying brokers the opportunity to be paid $3,250 by the lender on a $500,000 loan yet be happy for real estate agents to be paid up to $10,000 for the sale of a $500,000 property. My son has worked hard, built a business and now what?
A: Without going too much into it as I still need time to digest the full report.

However a royal commission into the misconduct of banks has seen banks share prices sky rocket the day after the report was released - how can that even be a possible outcome considering the amount of wrongdoing that was uncovered?

Every industry has it's problems and broking is no different. Have there been brokers who have done the wrong thing? Definitely. But this is not isolated to broking and it happens across all industries including health, age care, legal and even government. I'm all for change in our industry as long as it makes sense for all parties but specifically the end consumer. These recommendations definitely don't have our clients best interests in mind - ironically the same duties they want to implement into our industry, which I welcome as I'm sure the majority of brokers will too as we are already doing this.

The recommendation clearly comes from someone who does not understand our industry and has associated the word "commission" and those who receive it to the same behaviours they saw in Wolf of Wall Street.

Let's hope the treasury-led working group will have a much more sensible approach.
Q: Looking to buy 6 units and the CBA has told me I can only get the loan under a Pty/Ltd or company trust. They wont lend to an individual for commercial residential loans?
Is this the same with all banks or just a CBA thing?
A: Hi Paul,

Interesting to hear that CBA are forcing you down the path of using a company/trust to complete the transaction - I would think that since this is a commercial transaction in nature, the bank is trying to push it down the unregulated path.

Every bank does have it's own policy and process on how they look at it, so other lenders might not necessarily have the same outlook as CBA.

If you would like to discuss further please don't hesitate to contact me.
0412 261 310

Q: Hi

Going to my first auction tomorrow. Whats people’s thoughts on the best strategy to take. Should we wait until it hits the reserve price before bidding?
A: Hi Rick,

I would necessarily say there is one "best strategy" to use at every single auction. It would depend on a few factors that would determine how I would approach a certain auction. Understanding how many buyers they are and whether or not they are also purchasing a home or for an investment can be quite important when determining the strategy.

The one thing that I would say though is for you to set the maximum price that you are comfortable purchasing the property for and then deploy a strategy around that.

Good luck!
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Q: Hi

Our home loan is with CBA $540,000 and the property would be valued around 800,000… we both work, 2 kids 8 and 10 and we don’t like credit cards. The rate is 4.19%, what is the best rate we could get by refinancing?

Thank you
A: Hi Pheobe,

Considering you have quite a bit of equity in your home, you might be eligible for some great rates as low as 3.58% (comparison rate of 3.59%).

We would need to do a full review of your current home loan to see if you could refinance - would be happy to discuss in greater detail if you like.

Oleg Mazkovoi
0420 643 490