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Q: I would like to get some advice on buying my first home … savings around $50,000 with a full time job as a teacher. I have been looking at properties around $375 – 400,000 and want to know if could buy a property on my own with the money saved or will I need a guarantor?
A: Hi Jake,
I can see a couple of options open to you depending on whether you are looking to purchase an established property or build new. Funds required to get into an established property differ greatly to those required to build a home.
Have you looked at this as an option?
It is important to consider the $15k First Home Owner Grant which is available to you if you build new. Assured Home Loans currently has an additional 10,000 reason campaign for first home owners which we are offering. There are tips and traps with building you need to be aware of which our team can help you with to ensure a smooth transition into home ownership.
Feel free to contact me at Assured for further discussion.
Q: I'm having trouble paying my mortgage since acquiring a disability and having to resign my job. I'm getting married In December and so I just need to hang on to the house until then. Unsure as to best course of action right now. Should I :
1. Apply for financial hardship consideration from the bank again? Trouble is that the debt keeps getting bigger that way.
2. Apply for early access to my superannuation?
3. Ask a friend for an interest free loan?
Don't want to lose Newstart payment
A: Hi Fay, I probably need a little more information to be able to assist.

When you get married are you selling the house and contributing to another property, is this the reason for hanging on until until then?
Do you qualify for a Disability Support Pension?
What is your loan amount and repayments per fortnight?
Approaching the lender for hardship or discuss an interest only option on the loan.

Please feel free to post a response to the questions above.
Q: My daughter is 22 years old and is still living at home with my wife and I. She is a full time university student and has a part time job. Is she entitled to any government assistance while she is studying?
A: Hi Geoff,

I would suggest a good starting point for your daughter is to have a look at the the department of human services online payment finder service.

This is a quick reference search for any entitlement she may have to government assistance. Use it as a guide only and contact them directly for specifics once you have completed the search.

This is the link:


Good luck

Dino Penna
Assured Group
Q: A friend who is a fund manager suggested we should look at using derivatives to generate additional income as part of our investment strategies. Can we get some advice on how this works?
A: Hi Drew,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, this is beyond my qualified area and cannot speak to the matter.

However, as we have access to a Financial Planner at Assured, I will speak with them and see if they can provide assistance on you question.


Q: We are looking at a new loan and want to know what the difference is between redraw and offset account. Does interest rate change if we did have the offset?
A: Hi Drew,

Great question.

My colleagues have all addressed the fundamentals of offset accounts and redraw Loans. Loan purpose is also important as to helping you decide which loan you settle for as effective use of offset accounts can be beneficial in reducing your loan quickly.

Fundamentally it comes down to how you manage your money. If you are comfortable having liquidity, 'access to cash', then an offset allows you the full transactional benefits of a bank account. A redraw 'holds' your money in your loan account until you would like it, often requiring an extra step or slight time delay until you get your money transferred, this could deter you from making that spontaneous purchase you may not really need.

A redraw is often found with basic Loans with little or no fees, a offset is a more featured loan that often attracts fees and higher rates. I do have a couple of lenders that can provide fee free offsets for the life of the loan at market competitive rates.

Please feel free to contact me on 0448120702, message or email if I can be of further assistance

Q: Can someone please advise the advantages doctors get with homeloan mortgages, and/or point me in the direction or a broker/financial advisor in Perth that specialises in doctor loans?
A: Hi there, some lenders have a medico policy which allows medical related professions to borrow at a higher rate, up to 90% with no LMI. Most brokers in Perth can assist with this.