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In light of our recent question about government and community support for our farmers experiencing tough times with the drought, massive kudos to the Panthers Group who have announced a donation of over $100,000 to drought-stricken farmers in central –western New South Wales.

The donation was made through Macquarie Radio’s The Big Dry Drought Appeal - https://www.2gb.com/panthers-donate-over-100000-to-drought-stricken-farmers/

Well done Panthers

last year


Here is a little more information about The Big Dry Drought Appeal

Macquarie Media, Fairfax Media and Buy A Bale have joined forces to launch The Big Dry Drought Appeal.

By making a cash donation to Buy A Bale, you’ll be helping farmers in a direct and immediate way.

Click here to donate to Buy a Bale - https://www.buyabale.com.au/

Check out the video showing what many of our farmers are going through


last year

Well done Panthers, come on Tigers, make me proud

Commonwealth Bank announces a $2M donation to help farmers. The funds will go to the Red Cross National Fundraising Appeal and Rural Aid's Buy a Bale

A big thumbs up to the Commonwealth Bank


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