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Diane S.
Diane S.
Oxenford, QLD

My accountant did not include total charity donation in last years return leaving $4000 for this year, then said oops, can't claim, can claim only in the year it is paid. Is this correct?
Then this year, supplied calculations to take to Centrelink re appeal for pension.
Centrelink reviewed calculations for profit on shares but said they were not interested in any Figures as they are DEEMED on total face value of shares. Have I got a totally useless account. $200 for useless, unusable advice??

7 years ago


Hi Diane,

Yes you have. Both very simple mistakes that any reputable accountant shouldn’t be making. I’d be looking elsewhere next time.


Hi Diana

Sorry to hear you haven't had such a great experience.

If you are looking for a new accountant, there are a number of accountants who are quite active on simplyaskit you might like to get in touch with. Click on their profile and you'll be able to see their answers to other users questions as well as see their blogs and videos.

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Best wishes


you should amend the last years return to claim the donations. It sounds to me like there was some sort of conversation about "leaving out" $4000 of donations, so I suspect there is maybe a bit more to the story???

I am not sure what you mean by deemed profit on shares: is this profit on sale of shares, or deemed income from dividends paid?? Again it sounds to me like there is more to this story....

I cant say whether you have got a useless accountant, but if I were you I would go back to this accountant with some questions about the donations and the shares.....Most reputable accountant types are more than happy to go through their work with clients....if there is an error you will probably find that the accountant will rectify this at no charge.

If not, then you can start shopping around for someone.....a good start is a well-established CA or CPA firm. They will at least have all the qualifications you need, and the code of conduct requirements of the two big accounting bodies forces a level of service that you may not see in some accountants with other qualifications.
good luck

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