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About Me

Samantha Taylor

Property Manager
Ray White Forest Hill
Forest Hill, Victoria
As an expert in Business Development and Property Management. I have worked in the industry for 11 years, assisting many clients all across Melbourne.
With a large knowledge of the rental market I am able to provide a first class service to all of our clients.

I have focused my career on specialising in Business Development, Property Management and Leasing, understanding the importance of communication, knowing your clients (landlords and tenants) and having a great idea of the local market, as well as the market across Melbourne.

I am very passionate about the industry and am driven to provide a high level of customer service. I also pride myself on always being open and honest with clients, leading to long lasting relationships. For me this is not just a job and I really love what I do.

My Activity

Q: The house we have been renting for 3 years has been sold and the new owner wants to move in. What is the minimum notice period we should be receiving?
A: Hi Cathy,

Was this query answered for you last week?
If not please feel free to contact me & I can assist with any queries you have.

Kind regards,
Q: Hi

Submitted to 'Real Estate' page but also a 'Legal' question:

6 months ago I purchased a house off the plan. I negotiated a 5% deposit but will have to pay the remainder next month.

I recently enquired in the same development for a relative and realised that they are now selling the same property as mine for a significantly lower price, a large financial rebate, many added features thrown in for free and even a $12k gift card. Whilst it is not ideal, I'm considering the opportunity this may present. My question is - what are my legal rights in terms of selling before settlement or forfeiting the contract and then repurchasing in the same development with the new terms? If it is simply a matter of forfeiting my deposit, then I would still be significantly better off. Are there other ramifications which would stop people doing this? I take it they won't simply amend my contract.

Any advice would be much appreciated!
A: Hi Dan,

I can put you in touch with a property lawyer if you would like some advise?
Good luck!

Kind regards,
Q: Hello everyone. I'm a first homebuyer looking into buying an apartment before this year ends. I have requested a section 32 and contract of sale from the vendors of 2 apartments. I'm more interested with the 2-BR unit and would like to put an offer (although it is below the selling price). Do I need a conveyancer to review both contracts for the 2 apartments, or is it OK to put an informal offer for the first one, and if the vendor agrees, I'd have a conveyancer review the contract before I formally sign it?
A: Hi Fae,

Please let me know if our office can assist with your search or sale process.
Good luck!

Kind regards,
Samantha - Ray White Forest Hill
Q: Purchased my first investment property in St Kilda and looking for an agent to manage the property. Any recommendations and what should their fee be?
A: Hi Nick,

You will find most agents will quote fees between 5% to 8%. As a rule it cost us as an agency approximately $25 per week to manage a property.

We manage rental properties throughout the East and South East of Melbourne, if you would like me to send you across some more information or have any further queries you would just like answered please feel free to give me a call on 0451 760 351 or email me at samantha.taylor@raywhite.com.

Kind regards,
Samantha Taylor
Business Development Manager
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