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Kevin O'Hara

Investment Manager
Tulla Private Equity Group
Coogee, New South Wales
0499 220252

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Q: With so many business incubators available does anyone have a recommendation or had a good experience with one?
A: CapitalPitch is our choice but it is not an incubator. It is an investment accelerator. Investible is also great with a good team.
Q: Just started my own business and interested in what some experts say is the best business advice they ever received?
A: Overnight success is 10 years
Q: I'd like to start my own business building furniture.

While I have the majority of the tooling required, to do it properly, i'd need to upgrade some of it, issue is i don't have the capital to do so.

Is a business loan the best option here? or would a personal loan be better given the total required would be under 10k?
A: A personal loan would be the best option as a business loan would be based on the business's ability to service the loan. Considering you have not yet established the business it would be difficult to justify to a bank your ability to service a business loan.