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Stacey K.
Stacey K.
Appin, NSW

What rights do I have in my job as I believe I'm getting treated like I'm stealing from work, thing is I've never stolen anything from anyone or taken something that was never mine at all not just in my job but NEVER EVER? Their rude and treat me unkind?

4 years ago


If you have an HR department in your organisation, talk to the HR manager or talk to your manager personal to discuss the issue. Otherwise i reckon your best option would be to contact Fairworks Australia to find out about your options.

Last option would be to find a new job.

Hopefully there would be somone else on this platform who would know more and give you some more guidance.

Best wishes,


Thankyou mate, appreciate the advice.

Hi Yo,

Through our twitter profile we sent a message to Fair Work Ombudsman @fairwork_gov_au asking what advice they would offer you.

Their response was:

"Everyone has a right to not be bullied at work. They can find more info including who they can ask for help here."

We wish you all the best and hope things start to improve for you


Thankyou much appreciated

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