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About Me

Stephen Buhlman

Financial Planner
WLM Financial Services
Sydney, New South Wales
Clients passionate about reaching their financial goals choose Stephen to tailor and manage their future financial affairs.

Stephen’s passion is providing client-focused strategic financial advice and his approach is to meet the specific needs of each client through a disciplined approach. Stephen believes that through appropriate customised strategies, client education and effective communication that his clients are empowered to reach financial freedom.

My Activity

Q: Hi,
We have our own self managed superfund and now struggling with the all administration work. We want to roll into an industry fund and would like to ask about fees and hopefully pay less than 1%. Any recommendation, the funds is about $1.2M?
A: Hi Tim,

It is important to understand your needs going forward and whether an industry fund, retail super fund or a SMSF will be the best vehicle to meet those needs. From an ongoing cost point of view, it is important to understand what services you need and only pay for those services.

Happy to chat over the phone or in person.

Kind Regards,

Q: AFL Grand Final, who will win

West Coast Eagles or Collingwood Magpies?
A: Eagles by 22 - Shannon Hurn to win the Norm Smith medal
Q: Hello.

I'm not sure if I should be worried about my investments at the moment, SUPER & INVESTMENT ACCOUNT with what happened last week in the US? Theres been a few thousand wiped from the balance being in INTERNATIONAL SHARES and a few other things.

I've seen articles saying the worse is yet to come .. or is it just the media fear mongering .. should i switch everything to cash or something less risky .. or am i falling into the trap ?

Whats your opinion ?


A: Hi J,

2017 was an atypical year. We expect 2018 to be another unusual year for markets, one which will pose substantial risks as latent market risks increase, but also one that poses opportunity for good active management to add value.

Now, how you invest will depend on your appetite for risk (ie. are you kept awake at night worrying about what the markets are doing?), your timeframe and what you want this money to achieve.

At WLM, we feel we are well placed to navigate these market conditions and currently have a good understanding of market conditions, although it will probably be very challenging at times. We continue to work hard to identify and profit from the few remaining pockets of value and to regularly re-adjust the portfolios as needed and as opportunity arises.