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About Me

Andrew Peake

Mortgage Broker
Choice Home Loans
Melbourne, Victoria
For over 15 years I have been running my own mortgage broking business servicing Melbourne and Geelong. My point of difference is responsiveness, I will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution or response. Through Choice Home Loans I have access to over 30 lenders and I always ensure the process is as seamless and constructive for every one of my clients.

My Activity

Q: I got pre approved for a $420,000 home loan 6 months ago and now the bank say I can only borrow $390,000. If my situation is the same how can the bank change their mind like this?
A: This is why you need to use a mortgage broker. Lenders are constantly changing their policies and assessment criteria. The only way to stay up to date is by using an experienced broker and have them assess where best your loan fits. Happy to discuss further. Regards
Q: How can I find out what mortgage insurance will cost for different lending ratios above 80%?
A: Download the Qbe mrotgage insurance app from the App Store - but for a tailored quote, speak to a broker. Cheers
Q: What lenders cap LMI above 95% for Owner Occupier, other than BoQ to 99%, Bankwest to 98%?
A: Try Bank SA and My state bank
Q: If I move out of my home and rent it do I need to refinance with an investor loan or can I keep the mortgage I currently have?
A: You don't need to refinance to another lender, but the terms and conditions of your current mortgage will most likely state that you must advise the lender when there are changes to your circumstances. Regards
Q: Which banks can offer 95% plus mortgage insurance? Looking for a home, thanks
A: Jo, quite a few banks will do 95% plus lmi, but all have some unique conditions I.e do you have genuine savings, are you a first home buyer, do have an existing credit facility with the lender. If you can provide answers to above I am able to provide some lender options? Regards Andrew Peake