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I am looking for investors who might be looking for a change from the same old same old avenues. My company is mining Crypto Currencies and we have an opportunity for investor's to get involved. We are an Australian company registered with ASIC. And our Investment offer's returns equal to 20-40% per annum. Currently running at 27%.
Where can i find people who might be interested in having a look at what we offer ?
I call hundreds of Australian's a week and many have not even heard of this industry.
here is a brief introduction to what we do ...

What is Bitcoin Mining ... How it works.

Mining Bitcoin is a bit like a bank taking fee's when you use an ATM.

Around the world approximately 250 thousand times a day there are transactions made between two parties , buying and selling Bitcoin. Everytime one of those transactions happens , it needs to be verified as true and correct.

This verification is done by very powerful computers that solve algorithm's that each transaction create's. The first computer to solve the algorithm gets paid a fee in Bitcoin. This is how Bitcoin is minted. After the first computer solves the algorithm then multiple other computers also check to see if the transaction is true and correct before the transaction is deemed successful. However only the first computer gets paid.

This is called Proof of Work.

The investment opportunity , would be a great conversation !

6 years ago


Hi Geoffrey,

I know that there is a market for cryptocurrencies, but for the life of me I cannot understand where the value lies. the currency itself is not regulated, nor is it backed by the guarantee of a government or a reserve bank. I have never seen anyone advertise to sell a product or service in Bitcoin, so I dont actually know what I can buy with my bitcoins.

But somehow there seems to be a demand for the cryptocurrency. I suppose its much like demand for diamonds, or gold: you cant eat it, you cant spend it, but you can trade it......is that a reasonable analogy???

My (very) limited reading on the subject tells me that there are a finite number of algorithms that can be calculated with current computing technology, so we are talking about a finite resource.....which you are mining. Where does the cost of production exceed its market value???

Another thing that I dont understand is the 250,000 transactions trading in Bitcoin.......people are buying bitcoin and selling bitcoin and the process of verification means that someone else gets paid in bitcoin: who pays this fee?? the bitcoin buyer or the bitcoin seller???? is the act of solving the algorithm the thing that creates a bitcoin? how do you know that the bitcoin even exists....and where does it live??? and how can I sell my bitcoins to someone else????

The more I think about it the more confused I get.......

So can you break it down for dumbos like me, and explain what one is, and how one can hold onto a bitcoin, and maybe this will help everyone to understand better what they are and how people can benefit from them.


Good Afternoon Brendan,

It seems that you are not upto to date with current information, I will gladly send some information your way.
Yes - trading Crypto's is an option, Just the same as trading Shares is an option.
However there is much more to this industry , that you can still discover.

Like many Australian's we have been kept in the dark , most likely a government ploy through the news channels.
What i can tell you is that the news is much more positive than most Australians believe.

Ok so you can buy and sell, If you make a profit you can trade your profit for dollars. Which you can then spend.
You can mine your bitcoin, which is what we do . and we can via an exchange change that for dollars.
You can use your Crypto Visa card and spend your Bitcoin at any restaurant, shopping centre, bowling alley .. im sure you get the rest of the picture
You can even , at any atm exchange your Crypto for dollars.
There is even an Australian company called my crypto wallet that offer;s you a debit card that can be used at any ATM.
Then there are 51 Bitcoin ATM's in Australia where you can buy more Bitcoin or sell your Bitcoin !!

We and our clients earn our Bitcoin as mentioned above. But we can use them in everyday life as easy as you buy your groceries currently.

No there are many benefits to Crypto's , like privacy. That you dont get in your current banking system. However that arguement is not what I am here for !!
I here for people who would like to make some more money , be it dollars and cents or Bitcoin.
Hopefully this tiny bit of information has you a little bit more informed and if you would like to pick up the conversation .. by all means please send me an email geoff@ngscrypto.com.
Its a great time to get involved !


Hi Geoffrey,
thanks for the response, I must say that I am well behind current knowledge on Bitcoins. I also have to say it intrigues the hell out of me, all these bitcoin ways of buying and selling...its clearly I need to play some catchup:):)

If I could make a request, perhaps you can put a blog up on the basics of bitcoins, and perhaps that might give a lot of potential users a little glimpse of how this all works. I have a fair bit of experience in financial dealings, and clearly I dont know enough about bitcoin.....so imagine how much benefit can be derived by people with less exposure to financial affairs......

I will be sure to drop you an email Geoffrey.....all the best

Hi Geoffrey

As an investment manager in Australia, we assume you’re fully aware of the financial services industry regulations and disclosure requirements when openly sharing investment opportunities and potential returns.

Your question is of intrigue and of much discussion globally.

What would help the discussion is if you could complete your profile, including business name, website, contact details, location and profile image.

Much appreciated


We may be able to better inform people of what is happening in the Crypto realm , have you considered having an expert available ?
Two main considerations would be trading (nightmare) or Mining (many options).

Putting people in touch for a real conversation.
Everyone and I mean everyone needs to investigate this for themselves. Now it may not be for everyone but at least they can make an informed decision.

Feel free to reach out

This mining thing is beyond my comprehension, because it doesnt actually come out of the ground, but since the term mining IS something I have some experience in, I will try to frame my questions around the mining analagy:

what is the estimated size of the resource?
what is the cost of production?
what are the markets for the product?
What are the taxation consequences of mining bitcoin
what is the risk of business failure from competition
how volatile is the market

I gather that the whole blockchain cryptocurrency concept is complicated and there is a lot of technical expertise that is required to fully understand all the ins and outs of the industry......but there is a lot of technical guff that nobody knows or cares about in the iron ore industry, but people are still happy to invest in BHP. How can laypeople get informed about cryptocurrency to the extent that they need to...as investors in the industry....to assess the merits of this as compared to other investments that they might use???



Good Morning Brendan,

I do enjoy seeing your comments on this thread !

Mining Bitcoin, I am sure who ever came up with this term initially was trying to make the comparison to Gold. But there is a good comparison i can give you ..
Whether Mining Gold or Bitcoin. You start with new machines that run very efficiently but over the course of time , you need to upgrade machines and implement new technologies as the Gold/Bitcoin gets harder to find.
There is a finite number of Bitcoin 21,000,000 approximately 16,000,000 are ion the hands of the people.
Alternative coins are available and the market is working out which are useful and which are not . Trading in the Alt coins is what trading firms want people to do , but to be frank that is a huge gamble for the participants.
You can mine alternative coins , and we do a little bit of that.

Cost of production depends on the amount that Miners pay for electricity . Give you a real indication , we pay 7c USD in our Batam mining centre that equals a cost of approximately $3800 USD . In Australia electricity is 25c to 35c USD a kilowat . The current price for a bitcoin is approximately $6250.
Mining cannot be done in Australia and that is the reason no one has really ever heard of it.
So the markets for production are Countries with low cost electricity.
Taxation on Crypto's in Australia , your Crypto's are a commodity and taxed that way. regulated through the exchanges where you are required to give 100 points of ID.
If you are accumulating Bitcoin as I am , then you have other options which you have to carefully consider. Some places on the planet don't have the same regulations as Australia.
The risk of business failure , from a mining perspective is of course if you don't manage your business well or if there is sudden price rise for electrcity.
Give the huge swell of infrastructure mentioned in my previous response the industry of Crypto Currencies will only increase in size and value.

part 2
You are spot on , who knows the ins and outs of BHP !
Well the big difference is the amount of information you can find out about Crypto currencies because there is so much available !
Can you find out the cost of Mining a tonne of Iron ore and compare it to the sale price ? I will investigate ...
Offering a way for people to gather some Bitcoin is what our company does. New to the Crypto realm , i will teach you and everyday you will gather some bitcoin. Well versed in Crytpo then you can see the benefits of mining at 7c a kilowat.

I will leave you with this ..
Everyone in Australia needs to consider their financial position now. There is going to be volatile times ahead and maybe just maybe having a portion of their wealth stored in Bitcoin might be a good thing in the future. Our currency is under pressure and our markets are going to go through a very tough time soon enough.
Now it may not be for everyone , but those who don't at least consider it now will never be able to come into the game in 5 years .
Mining now and accrueing Bitcoin is a great way to create some wealth and store it in a safe place .

Kind regards

look us up www.ngscrypto.com and then give me a yell !!

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