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Andrew Debono

Financial Planner
Peak Wealth Management
Sydney, New South Wales
0434 955 417
Growing up on a farm on the outskirts of Sydney has taught me a lot. Like the importance of family and how the relationships we build in life will influence who we are as people.
Having a close relationship with my parents is really important to me. My parents are also first generation Europeans and in my earlier years (probably even to this day) they have taught me the importance of hard work and always tried to instil good morals and values in me

These values have allowed me to succeed in many aspects of life and also assisted in maintaining and creating relationships. I strongly believe that developing strong relationships is at the forefront of every successful client experience, and one of the best ways is "always doing what I have promised to do!"

From the beginning, education was seen as an important asset. Throughout my schooling and university life I strived to do be my best and to be the best person I could be.

In order to provide excellent service to my clients, and to achieve maximum results, I believe that educating my clients and myself is essential. The more knowledge and wisdom I can provide my clients, the better informed decisions they can make and the better advocates they can be for my services.

Besides being passionate about providing advice, I also have many other hobbies. Football is my religion! I actively support Western Sydney Wanderers (Champions of Asia 2014) and also Liverpool Football Club (Hopefully next year will be our year)!.I am also crazy about fishing, and like to fish every weekend.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I'm always more than happy to assist you and add value in any way possible.
If you would like to know more about myself and Announcer please visit our website https://announcer.com.au


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What drives me - Andrew Debono Financial Planner at Announcer Group

Q: Are there any circumstances where I could get access to some of my super before retirement?
A: Hi Robyn,
Thank you for your question.
There are some circumstances which may allow you to access some of your super benefits before retirement. This can include severe financial hardship, temporary incapacity, compassionate grounds, terminal medical condition, permanent incapacity and also a few more. There may also be other ways to access funds, and analysis of your super components would be required. You may actually have a portion of your funds within a component called Unrestricted Non-Preserved. You can actually withdraw these funds at anytime.
Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.
Kind Regards,
Andrew Debono
(02) 9251 5558
Q: Can an employer deduct superannuation payments from commissions?
A: Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your question.
Boring lingo - employers have to use ordinary time earnings, simply, this means what employees earn for their ordinary hours of work.
Yes, employers should pay at least the minimum 9.5% superannuation guarantee contributions on commissions earned. Normally, this would be deducted from your commissions unless you have the agreement from your employee to have it paid on top of your commissions.
Just so you are aware, the maximum salary that your employer is required to pay for Superannuation Guarantee Contributions (9.5%) is $51,620 per quarter or $206,280 per annum. So it may be a good opportunity to understand your incentives within your employment contract.
Happy to chat if you have any further Questions.
Kind Regards,
Andrew Debono (02) 9251 5558
Q: What is an appropriate level of insurance one should take out for themselves, including, life, Trauma & Income Insurance? Also we are a young couple with 2 kids in our early 30's is it better to take our level premiums or stepped premium options?
A: Hi Bernard, thank you for your questions. Having worked with many clients in a similar situation, I understand the value and importance of getting this stuff right! In your situation the appropriate level of cover can differ significantly. Key things to consider include, how much you owe on your own home, age of your children and school/childcare requirements, income shortfalls, medical expenses, carer costs and the list goes on.
In regards to your premium options, again, this is heavily dependent the types / levels of cover you are taking out as there may also be some benefits to locking in certain insurance at level premiums due to your relatively young ages. Lump sum cover, in particular life and TPD acts in an inverse relationship to your overall wealth accumulation and debt reduction. Essentially, as you accumulate wealth and your level of debt reduces, your need for higher levels of insurances also decreases.
Personal insurance is a strategy unto its own and the most important take out from this exercise, is to understand that personal insurance needs to be just that, “personal”, because we are all different.
Happy to chat if you have any further questions.
Kind Regards,
Andrew Debono (02) 9251 5558