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Meet Financial Planner Andrew Debono from the Announcer Group

simplyaskit | July 09, 2018

Welcome, Andrew,

What is your occupation and what services do you provide?

Financial Adviser | Investment Strategist | Risk Mitigator | Football Tragic

Name of Business?

Announcer Group

Where is the business located?

210 George Street Sydney

How long have you been in the financial services industry?

Since 2014

How do you differentiate yourself from others in the same industry?

I have the fortune of working at Announcer Group, which not only offers financial planning but also Taxation, Property, Mortgages and Legal Services. This means that I have the unique opportunity of being able to offer clients a holistic approach to their financial solutions, all under one roof, with an extensive range of expertise advice.

What role does communication play in you being successful?

Communication is imperative to maintaining a great relationship with clients. I believe that staying updated with my client’s personally, even if it’s just a quick call to check in and see how they are or if they have any questions without any finance based motives. I’ve found that when things happen in their lives I have a clear understanding of their circumstances and provide the assistance they need.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in business?

Things that are EASY to do are just as EASY NOT TO DO. An important little one percenter which just allows me to get tasks done for clients in a timely manner.

What advice can you offer people in the way they communicate and engage financial planners?

When communicating and engaging with a financial planner, I think it is extremely important to disclose every aspect of your financial situation. The planner must be able to understand your situation in order to provide you with advice appropriate to yourself. When selecting a planner I feel it is important for the client to be able to feel comfortable and at ease with that person. A connection must be established and a relationship should be developed on a foundation of trust.

Do you prefer advising on Property, Shares or Managed Funds?

Being an Adviser, diversification must be emphasised. Each of those asset vehicles plays a part in a client’s portfolio, and the vehicle which we decide to ride will be determined by time frames, cash to invest, risk tolerance and overall goals.

Do you have a favourite piece of advice?

“SUCCESSFUL people do what UNSUCCESSFUL people are not willing to do”.

This is the one piece of advice which I provide to my clients and doesn’t actually require any compliance! I like to see myself as being proactive and endeavour to not let my clients procrastinate and not achieve their goals.

What are your favourite hobbies?

Fishing, reading and Football fanatic, following Western Sydney Wanderers and Liverpool FC (next year will be our year)!

If you'd like to contact Andrew call 02 92515558 or simply ask a question 


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North Sydney, New South Wales
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