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sue g.
sue g.
Bunbury, WA

i have been operating a hotel three years and now cannot contact the owner what can i do?He wants to sell business and we have a buyer but we cannot find him anywhere.

3 years ago


Hi Sue

We’d suggest trying to make contact the owners family and hopefully, they can shed some light on how you can get in touch.

Hope it works out for you all, best wishes


Do you pay them rent or anything?

Try this...

Send them 1c and then in the section where you can put details write PLEASE CONTACT SUE
Then send another 1c and write O4XX XXXX XXX or what ever your number is

Then when they see their bank statement you have sent them a message?

I know it is thinking outside the box but if that is all you can do then try that if the normal channels don't work.


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