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Keep the bastards honest

simplyaskit | May 11, 2018

Consumers and small business owner’s advised to take back control of their finances.

The shocking revelations from the Banking Royal Commission have led Mortgage Industry veteran Paul Ryan to bring back the slogan “keep the bastards honest”. 

Mr. Ryan, the founder of online advice marketplace simplyaskit has called on Australian consumers and small business owners to take back control of the way they ask for and receive advice.

“It’s very clear that there is very little trust in the financial services industry. The horrendous stories from the Royal Commission are all the proof we need,” Mr. Ryan said.

Everyone is asking the question ‘What is going to change and what penalties are going to be big enough for any change to be meaningful?’ 

“I keep hearing Bank CEOs saying they need to bridge the trust gap. They’re nice words but there’s no meaningful action,” he said.

simplyaskit is an open and online advice marketplace where people can ask questions and get transparent and accountable advice from a range of industry experts.

“A question was asked the other day if it was possible to buy a property to live in through a self-managed superfund – two industry experts came back with NO being the answer,” he said.

“Within a couple of hours of the question being asked everyone visiting the platform could go back to their adviser and say that advice you gave me is not correct – this would have saved some people tens of thousands of dollars.”


Mr .Ryan is challenging the banks, the financial services providers and the insurance industry to be proactive in bridging the trust gap by mandating their advisers, bank managers and mortgage brokers to be on simplyaskit and available to answer consumers’ questions.

“There are some fantastic advisers and industry experts who are tired of their reputations being tarnished by the actions of their peers”.

“We the punters, now have an opportunity to stand up to the big end of town. When you ask for advice, get it in writing, make the expert accountable for their advice and then seek a 2nd opinion,” he said. 

Mr Ryan, a finance professional for over 25 years founded simplyaskit as an open marketplace to ensure people always had access to accountable information so they can make better, informed decisions.

“simplyaskit removes the intimidation or assertive behaviour of some advisers and helps people identify the better advisers and industry experts more efficiently.”


For more information:

Paul Ryan 
Director – simplyaskit
0412 977 355



there are too many fantastic advisors out there with no voice, and this platform gives some of them a chance to show that there ARE professionals with integrity and passion about this industry who DO give a shit about their clients, and are NOT slaves to the holy dollar.
It would be great to see some banks and large service providers get on board with the provision of good advice as the goal, and not some marketing spin to generate more leads. Because good advisors benefit from good advice. I KNOW that the regular contributors give good advice......and then generally follow this up with SEE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! So the more people who see this, and take action accordingly the better!!! The ability to get a quick, simple, FREE second opinion on a matter cant be anything other than a good thing!!!!!!

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