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Meet Ian Mayer, the boss at Chatswood Toyota

simplyaskit | July 14, 2018

Welcome, Ian,

What’s your occupation?

Managing Director Chatswood Toyota.

Where is the business located?

We’re very fortunate to have a high profile at 728 Pacific Highway Chatswood.

How long have you been in the Auto industry?

Cheeky, let’s just say a young 38 years.

Do you have a business motto?

My personal motto is "fortune favours the brave" however I tend to use different mottos dependant on the situation.

I am a huge believer in “YOU CAN HAVE FRIENDS IN BUSINESS".

How important is it for your customer’s to have a positive experience when visiting your business?

Absolutely paramount. It is why I place a lot of emphasis on getting the team, our staff right because repeat and referral business is an outcome of all our customers having a positive experience.

Why is your business different from your competitors?

We do get a lot of referral and repeat business so I’m pleased our hands-on approach is working. Our service is built on our core values – trust, respect, service, teamwork, and innovation.

What’s the number one trait a car sales person needs to be successful?

Like any successful business person, self-discipline and a genuine desire to deliver outstanding customer service – sorry I had to pick two.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in business?

You can have friends in business – your business partners, customers and staff can become a friend. Sure there are boundaries but strong relationships are vital and don’t just call them because you want to sell them something.

What’s advice can you offer other business owners in how they go about building a successful business?

Where possible pick the right team. Don’t try and put a square peg in a round hole and if something is not working be proactive to fix the problem.

Importantly, also find the best 2IC you can and let them grow and challenge you.

What’s your favourite car?

A Toyota of course.

How are you involved in the local community?

I'm the Chairman of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance "CBD Event" - we raise about $2M each year to assist those living with Cerebral Palsy, which is fantastic.


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