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Q: NRL Grand Final, who will win

Sydney Roosters or Melbourne Storm?
A: Storm
Q: AFL Grand Final, who will win

West Coast Eagles or Collingwood Magpies?
A: West Coast
Q: Should financial literacy such as savings plans, credit scoring, personal finance, credit cards, interest rates, home loans, interest calculations, buying and selling and the value of money all form an important component of the high school curriculum?
A: I agree – I think it would be very beneficial to see seminar days included where senior students can workshop and understand financial decision making and the implications of their decisions. Great discussion
Q: Following on from the previous question, if something untoward was to happen is there a maximum time frame in which we could claim income protection insurance while the pub was being rebuilt?
Q: Just bought a pub freehold and we will be owner-operators. We are going through the insurance process and been told we need to insure the pub for 60% more than the purchase price. Does that sound right or would we be paying a higher premium unnecessarily?
Q: Breaking News

Australian Prime Minister announces there will be a Royal Commission into the Financial Services Industry

Mr Turnbull says Australia's financial system is admirable but there have been instances of poor practice.

Consumers must be protected, Mr Turnbull says, and the financial services sector must remain stable.

Do you agree with the Government's decision?
A: Great idea and not before time. I do with Brendan as the success of it depends on the terms of reference. With the money, it will cost we can only hope there is a positive and transparent outcome for taxpayers.
Q: Is the LVR the same for purchasing commercial property through a SMSF as it is via normal channels?
Q: hi, with a new investment property is now a good time to be fixing rates and can you fix an interest only loan?
Q: Trying buy a unit in St Kilda but finding it difficult to obtain finance as it's 41 square metres. Is 50 squares always the minimum - any advice of which banks might help?
Q: Are redraw facilities easy to use? Can they be online or do I have to call the lender every time I want to access funds?