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Is your cash flow keeping you up at night?
If you’re losing sleep, it's probably because you're having trouble with your business cash flow.
A cash flow forecast and contingency plans in the form of Debtor finance can help.
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Q: I am a Director of a growing small business and have a mutual agreement with my partner to buy him out at the end of this calendar year. It's a reasonably significant amount, so will need to borrow the money. What's the best way to go about this? Can I borrow the money through the business or do I do it personally? Both my personal and business financials are quite sound.
A: Hi Jarrod,
Definitely seek advice from your accountant as to the best way to achieve this. If your accountant advises that you should raise capital through your business, there are a number of options, depending on what your business does.

For example, you could raise fund against existing equipment through what is known as a 'sale-back'. This essentially means that you sell your unencumbered assets to a lender, and finance it back, giving you a cash injection.

If your business sells on credit terms to a broad range of business customers, then you may also benefit from a confidential debtor finance facility, to smooth out cashflow, especially in the transition period.

Good luck!