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Politics in Australia, you have the floor

What’s the one message you’d like to convey to the leaders within the Australian Parliament in relation to the way they are governing, leading, operating and managing the best interests of Australia and it’s people in both the short and long-term?

last year


I think that is the challenge and the opportunity. To govern and lead at a Macro level instead of dabbling in micro special interests.
What we currently get is “this is what we will give you in the next two years” populist handouts.
The government needs a vision for 2030 and a plan to get there.
We have 3 levels of government (massive waste) but for it to work, they need to get back to
1. Govern in the National Interest (Fed)
2. Manage essential services, health and education and public entities (state)
3. Manage communities (local)

On current and recent history - No Confidence in either side.
Elected by the people, For the people. Time to get back to governing and stop ‘playing’ politics.

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