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About Me

Bill Vasiliadis

Business Advisor
SEO for Small Business
Crows Nest, New South Wales
0400 509219
I'm an Australian Digital Marketer with over a decade of online experience. My goal is to achieve superior results for my client base with a strong focus on results and return on investment.

My Activity

Q: What are the benefits (if any) of paying your mortgage repayments weekly over monthly?
Q: If you have a variable home loan and interest rates increase, does your repayment amount stay the same and just the interest portion of the repayment amount increase?
Q: How does a guarantor home loan work? We have a 10% deposit which needs to include costs for stamp duty, expenses, etc. This is not quite enough and we are interested in the guarantor option.
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Q: If I borrowed 93% on a property purchase of 830k what would mortgage insurance cost and can it be capitalised?
Q: Do all lenders for a home loan require that your deposit be made up of savings or can it be part or full cash?
Q: Do home loan lenders look more favourably at applicants with permanent roles over casual roles despite the income?
Q: Is a 10% deposit still required by most banks/lenders for a home loan?