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Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA)

Finance Broker
Woolloongabba, Queensland
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The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) is a national association representing finance and mortgage loan writers throughout Australia. It was formed in the belief that the establishment of measurable standards of proper professional practice in sourcing domestic and commercial funding was in the best interests of its customers/consumers and vital to the integrity and future wellbeing of the finance/mortgage broking industry. In the interests of members and their clients, the FBAA performs the following functions:
▪ Monitors legislation: and makes representations to Ministers and Members of Parliament both state and federal as appropriate.
▪ Code of Practice: adopted by industry professionals who offer domestic finance, commercial finance, lease and motor vehicle finance, business and debtor finance, as finance/mortgage brokers.
▪ Associated with training organisations: to provide programs to the industry and keep members up-to-date with changes to government legislation and regulations.
▪ Complaints and disciplinary procedures: designed to eliminate unacceptable working practices amongst its members, by providing an Internal Disputes Resolution Process (designed to meet Australian Standards). It also is a safeguard to both its Members and their clients/consumers against restrictive practices within the industry.

My Activity

Mortgage and Finance Brokers - Royal Commission

FBAA Summit - 30th October Bunbury, WA

FBAA Summit - 31st October Perth, WA

FBAA Summit - Sydney

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Finance Brokers Association of Australia Gala Dinner & Awards of Supremacy
The FBAA Gala Dinner & Awards of Supremacy has become well known for its esteemed awards presented to those members that have made a difference to the industry over the last 12 months. The FBA ...
Finance Brokers Association of Australia Summit Melbourne 28 Aug 2018

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ABC broker clarification not enough
A clarification earlier this month by the ABC of incorrect information broadcast about mortgage broker qualifications does not fix the damage done to the industry’s reputation, according to ...
FBAA Summit Toowoomba QLD - 16TH August

FBAA Summit Mandurah WA - 1ST aUGUST

FBAA Summit - Perth 31st July 2018

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Over 1000 to gather for FBAA 2018 conference
The Finance Brokers Association of Australia’s (FBAA) conference has not only cemented itself as the largest annual finance industry event in the nation, but the gala dinner also makes it th ...
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2018 National Industry Conference and Gala Dinner
2018 National Industry Conference and Gala Dinner & Awards of Supremacy 
Evolution - “The gradual process of change and development”
Attract ...
Finance Brokers Association of Australia - Student Membership

Highlights of 2017 FBAA National Industry Conference

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Starting out in a new industry
When you think of an ‘inventor’, there’s a fair chance your mind will conjure the cliché white-haired, white-coated genius tinkering away in a lab. 
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Budget funds regulators, but overall good for consumer confidence
The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) says the federal budget’s allocation of more funding for APRA and ASIC that is linked to outcomes from the banking royal commission, means ...
Finance Brokers Association Executive Director Peter White - crazy media coverage in relation to the mortgage and finance industry

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Finance brokers call for perspective on broker remuneration
The Finance Brokers Association (FBAA) of Australia has labelled the current commentary around the broking sector and the number of inquiries unprecedented, unnecessary and crazy.
FBAA executive dire ...
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Turn customers into industry advocates – FBAA
Finance brokers can play an important role in correcting misinformation about the industry that has been widely reported due to the banking royal commission, according to the Finance Brokers Associati ...
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Finance brokers slam “hysterical and misinformed” royal commission reporting
The peak body representing Australia’s finance brokers says some of the commentary around brokers from the banking royal commission is not only sensational and misleading but seeks to dispar ...
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ABC and Emma Alberici get it very wrong on mortgage brokers
The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) has accused the ABC and its controversial chief economic reporter Emma Alberici – who was recently criticised by business groups and the P ...
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Industry working hard for positive profile, says FBAA
The executive director of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) says notwithstanding current media coverage around the Banking Royal Commission, which will need to be addressed specifica ...
Why you should choose a Finance Broker that is an FBAA member

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Morrison has it wrong on comprehensive credit reporting, says finance broker body
As the Banking Royal Commission starts, the peak body representing Australia’s finance brokers has warned Treasurer Scott Morrison that draft legislation to force banks to hand over more det ...
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FBAA sceptical of big bank discounts
The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) is sceptical about moves by the big banks to set aside hundreds of millions of dollars to enable them to offer big discounts in the property borrowi ...
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FBAA urges big banks to drop rates
The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) has welcomed drops in home loan mortgage rates by some smaller lenders, saying it would benefit borrowers if the big banks followed suit.
The lende ...
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Restricting interest-only loans could hurt small business
The prudential regulator’s restrictions on the amount of interest-only loans that can be written by lenders could end up hurting small business, according to the Finance Brokers Association ...
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FBAA welcomes rise in broker business
News that mortgage brokers now account for a much bigger slice of the home loan business pie has been welcomed by the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA).
The ANZ bank has revealed that b ...
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FBAA watching new ABA appointment
The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) is reserving judgment on the appointment of ANZ chief Shayne Elliott as the new chair of the Australian Bankers Association (ABA).
FBAA executive d ...
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Brokers urged to be proactive during interest rate hold
Now is the time for brokers to be proactive with predictions by many financial experts that the official interest rate is unlikely to change in the near future, according to the Finance Brokers Associ ...
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Financial digital world shrinking
As the financial digital world becomes smaller, regulators, both locally and globally, are working more closely together to frame financial consumer protection regulations, according to the Finance Br ...