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Louisa Sanghera

Current Rating: 4.67 / 5
Finance Broker
Zippy Financial
North Turramurra, New South Wales
0414 083 522
Successful finance broker with over 30 years strong industry experience.

A multi-award-winning broker with her company, Zippy Financial Group, Louisa specialises in home loans, property investment, commercial lending, and vehicle and asset finance. Since establishing her business in 2013, she has helped hundreds of families and businesses secure the finance they need to help them realise their personal and professional goals.

Louisa is a recognised industry expert speaker, presenting regularly at financial events as well as contributing to a number of prominent industry blogs, podcasts, and finance publications.
Her experience in banking and finance is vast, allowing her to clearly understand the multi-layered complexities of negotiating the right finance solutions.

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Q: Hi, I have a young family and want to go back to work and thinking of starting my own mortgage broker business. Previously I had 8 years in lending with one of the major banks and wondering if I should just go out of my own or join a franchise type model. I’d really like to get the thoughts of others in the industry and to also ask what else I should be considering, thank you
A: Hi I am happy to chat to you. I note you have a young family , the job is very long hours, i often do 18 hr days. Clients need to see me on nights due to being at work during the day and weekends too. I've had to sacrifice my children in so many ways to do this job. By the nature of the job for example deals all come in too late after seen a property and so urgent you just have to do it which means head down and get the application in that day ! Its not a job i believe that can be part time or even 37.5 hrs a week and worked around the kids, the job takes over. I've had 5-6 hrs sleep a day the last 3 weeks and worked 7 days ! I'm really happy to talk to you about this as a female/mum broker. I first set up with a financial planner and that didn't work as the leads were all one way. I did look at franchise options but not an option for me i couldn't see the value for the loss of the % of the deals and fees etc. I set up on my own and have no regrets.
Q: I was just reading an article from a broker about rates dropping and thought:
What's the lowest Low Doc rate these days?
A: Hi Graham
Low Doc interest rates are dependent on a few factors such as Owner Occupied or Investment, P&I or Interest Only, LVR, Fixed or Variable etc.

We have access to Owner Occupied, Principle and Interest rates of low-mid 4%’s on Fixed rate and mid-high 4’s on a Variable.

If you were looking at Investment Interest Only you’d be looking at low 5%’s for fixed and mid 5%’s for Variable.

These are general quotes and we’d need to look at the persons individual scenario in order to quote accurate interest rates but hope this is useful.
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Can the housing market and broader economy cope with higher mortgage rates?
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Tips for parents to help teach their kids how to budget
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Q: Is it possible to claim the GST for the expenses on my investment property?
A: Hi Lisa, unfortunately as a broker I can't answer that. You will need to ask an accountant.