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About Me

Peter White

Financial Services Executive
Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited (FBAA)
Stones Corner, Queensland
07 3847 8119
I am in my 38th year of being in banking and finance and I head the FBAA (the peak professional industry body to finance brokers nationally) and am primarily focused on matters relating to government, regulators/industry regulations, PR and media for the FBAA.

I have held various volunteer roles in the FBAA from 2003 being NSW State President, National Vice President, National President, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and then under contract full-time as CEO.

In the past I have run 2 or my own finance brokerages, worked in mainstream retail banking in the '70s and '80s, established RAMS Home Loans' first sales office, was the first CEO of Wizard Home Loans, and GM/CEO of Private Banking and Investment Banking firms in Sydney.

My Activity

Q: Breaking News

Australian Prime Minister announces there will be a Royal Commission into the Financial Services Industry

Mr Turnbull says Australia's financial system is admirable but there have been instances of poor practice.

Consumers must be protected, Mr Turnbull says, and the financial services sector must remain stable.

Do you agree with the Government's decision?
A: Although I feel that a RC is not the right approach and that the FSI undertakings are cheaper and quicker to do and look at bit-sized pieces rather than one large expensive lump, but so long as the terms of reference and the undertakings of the commission do not overlap what is already being done by ASIC / APRA / Treasury, then if it only runs 12 months albeit this yet to be determined by the Commission as they have an overriding position on how long this will take so its not the governments decision, then maybe it will uncover other issues that as yet have not been dealt with and potentially buried. Time will tell its value or not. Pete White FBAA