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Q: Looking to buy 6 units and the CBA has told me I can only get the loan under a Pty/Ltd or company trust. They wont lend to an individual for commercial residential loans?
Is this the same with all banks or just a CBA thing?
A: Hi Paul, every Lender/bankhas it’s own policy rules pertaing this type of transaction.
Get in touch with a broker who can do the research and advise you.
Feel free to contact me on 0415742092 or louis@homeloansinaus. com.au
Q: Hi, I’m looking to buying a house and I will obviously need to get a mortgage. I’d hope to not spend more than 500,000 on a house. I’d say I’d have a decent savings and should be ok for a deposit by time I’m ready, I work full time (135k pa). My issue is I’ve never borrowed/owed money before and lack a credit score of any sort. How do I go about making sure I’ll be able to get a mortgage easily, while not wanting to have fees for money I don’t really need to borrow?
A: Hi Jade
Banks generally look at 2 things when considering a loan application: the ability to repay your loan and the loan to property value ratio.
If you have saved at least 5% deposit plus an addtitional 2.5% for fees you should be able to get a loan.
Speak to a broker who can provide you information and options from various banks.
Feel free to call me on 0415742082 should you want to discuss the mortgage process. No obligation.
Q: Are repairs and maintenance to a fixed asset an expense or an increase in value to the asset?

If they are an expense, are they operating profit or non-operating profit.

Thanks in advance.
A: Hi Clive B, the devil is in the detail. It depend on the type of asset.
Recomend you speak to a accountant.
Q: My husband had a motorbike accident & he got TPD & IPP insurance payouts out of 3 of his supers. He has 12.
Going forward we need to roll remainding supers into one account.
But need to find someone who can find us a new superannuation provider who will cover him incase of anything in the future (he is only 38) and won't wipe him because he has had previous claims?
Please help!
Ms S Robbo
A: Hi Sam
Feel free to contact Wayne Von Seidel 0404 929 401 for advice and assistance.
Q: Hi guys, are splitter blocks still viable in SE QLD. I have spoken to three small time developers and three answers ranging from 20k to split up to 80k to split. Utilities plus council fees plus town planner. Maybe its too hard and expensive now?
A: Completed a split recently in Bayside. 2 into 4.
Budget at least $60 K per additional block. Be wary of additional hidden costs i.e. stormwater, sewer and other utilities.