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Q: Hi, I’m interested in understanding the techniques people use to keep their staff motivated and interested. We are getting too many complaints from customers and it is starting to affect our business?
A: Hey Joanne
A little different perspective from a tech company with quite a number of remote team around the globe.

We spend a lot of time having 1 on 1 catchups, which is difficult when you're not in the same room or country - but ensures that everyone knows that they can speak out about any challenged they are facing. If challenges or issues are not brought up, I'd suggest forcing these so that you can not only help, but show the team just how much you are willing to help.

Our policy is that if someone on the team is really not enjoying a role, then they are not the right person for that role, or the role needs to alter. I find that there is always someone for every role - who enjoys that role and therefore performs excellently - or that a few minor tweaks bring that role in alignment with the individual to help them enjoy it more.

I would add that I don't believe going straight to wages is going to solve your issues. Yes, employees need to know their time is valued, but past a point increasing $ will not have any affect. A much better way to show value is to genuinelly take the time to listen, actively and visibly work to help them solve challenges, and then make sure you are congratulating and rewarding each and every week.