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Silvia P.
Silvia P.
Avalon Beach, NSW

We have recently exchanged and completed on the purchase of a property and now find that we will not informed of the correct boundary lines and the land area is not what we were told. What can we do??

4 years ago


Hi Silvia

Sorry to hear of your predicament. We’d suggest speaking to your conveyancer and establish what has actually occurred and then seek legal advice.

If you don’t know of a legal firm that might be able to assist we’d like to provide you with a couple of links to legal firms that are proactive on simplyaskit

• Coutts Solicitors and Conveyancers - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1286/coutts-solicitors-conveyancers

• LegalVision - https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1240/legalvision

We hope you are able to find some satisfaction will your issue

All the best

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