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Irana Gray

Certus Legal Group
City East, Queensland
07 31063016
I am a credit repair lawyer with a wealth of knowledge and legal understanding. I help clients to rebuild lives by clearing their credit files of non-legitimate defaults and get Judgments set aside.

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Q: Hi, I am 53 and recently divorced and under financial pressure owing $30k on credit cards. Current superannuation is around $220,000 and would like to ask if I can apply for financial hardship and use some of my super to pay off the cards?
A: Hi Colin

I am a consumer lawyer specialising in helping people in your position. There are very strict criteria to be met before you will be allowed to access your Superannuation. You do have option though such as entering into payment arrangements and even may be able to reduce the amount you owe as a settlement to the creditors.

Please give me a call on 07 3106 3016 and we can have a chat.

Irana Gray
Q: Hi
I have a 216 Dollars paid default that I got from origin energy in 2016 as I moved my house and didnt find out abt the bill until I got the call from the debt collector and was paid straight away.
My question is, I have my own cleaning business that has gross income of around 90000.
I want to buy a brand new car worth 50 to 60k next year around May or June.
How hard it will be for me to get the car loan if I come up with 10 to 15 k deposit aswell.
Also, how hard will it be for me to get a 1000 or 2000 dollars limit credit card from my bank like right now.
I just dont wanna try if it's going to get rejected as that affects the score, I've been told.
Any help will be appreciated.
A: Hi Bunny,

You will find it extremely hard to obtain finance with the default on your credit file even though you have paid it.

It is better for you to try and clean your file before you apply for any sort of credit as enquiries do alter your score making it less appealing to potential creditors.

I am a lawyer whom specialises in repairing credit files in order for you to be in a better position. Often creditors will default list you in breach of legislation. Only a lawyer should be dealing with this on your behalf be very careful of those whom are not lawyers.

Give me a call and we can have a chat and see if we can assist you 07 3106 3016

Irana Gray
Q: I have a horrible credit rating and currently unemployed but I need finance for my next venture. I have more than enough equity in my home for what I need but who or how do I go about getting a loan, who should I be looking to speak with?
A: Hi James

I am a credit repair lawyer and to date have a 100% success rate. Fixing your credit is the first stage. Yes you can use a non-conforming lender but why pay more interest when you can try to fix the problem? If your credit file is cleaned up of any defaults or Judgments then you are in a better position with potential lenders.

I urge you to be careful though when seeking credit repair, When dealing with legislation it should only be a lawyer that helps you make sure you will be represented by a lawyer at all times and not just an advocate or paralegal. I specialise in this area of law and work on a fixed fee basis so you know exactly what your bill will be. Feel free to call me for a chat on 07 3106 3016.
Irana Gray
Certus Legal