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Q: NRL Grand Final, who will win

Sydney Roosters or Melbourne Storm?
A: Storm by 30 (hopefully) šŸ˜€
Q: AFL Grand Final, who will win

West Coast Eagles or Collingwood Magpies?
A: Eagles by 25
Q: Ok sports fans...

State of Origin - NSW or QLD?
A: NSW by 14
Q: Hi, Iā€™d like to ask the industry experts on simplyaskit about their opinion on the discussion about first home buyers being able to tap into their superannuation as a means to come up with the deposit to buy their first home. Is it a good idea and should there be any conditions or restrictions to accessing their super?
A: If the idea that allowing first home buyers access to their superannuation balance will improve housing affordability then I think it's a bad idea. The housing problem is a lack of good supply coupled with infrastructure constraints. The influx of foreign buyers is certainly having an impact on the demand side with some estimates showing foreign buyers are >20% of all transactions.
Q: We are looking to buy a new home to live - can you provide some advice as to how we should go about it as we will need to sell our existing home - should we sell before we buy?