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Cristian Finance Broker

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Finance Broker
Seed Home Loans
Melbourne, Victoria
With thirteen years finance experience across a broad range of areas, Cristian is a unique broker with diverse and comprehensive knowledge.

An excellent communicator, he takes a collaborative approach, educating clients throughout the process so they feel empowered.

Relationship-focused, his greatest love is helping clients achieve their dreams, ensuring he is available for guidance and advice at any time.

A massive foodie, when Cristian isn’t with clients you’ll find him enjoying Melbourne’s culinary delights with his fiancé, or paying the price for his indulgence - at the gym.

My Activity

Q: Just started my own business and interested in what some experts say is the best business advice they ever received?
A: Listen to Gary Vaynerchuck on YouTube, instagram, snapchat etc.

Best advice!!
Q: We have just been notified our lender has increased the interest rate on our home loan by 0.10%. Before we call them I am interested to find out if other lenders doing the same and if so, why?
A: Quite a few lenders have recently increased rates. .10% is on the lower end, I've seen some banks go up at high at .50%

Definitely worth shopping around to see if you can do better. Most brokers have access to over 30 lenders.
Q: My financial institution has been in touch to notify me that the fixed half of my home loan will soon expire (the other half is variable) and that I have the choice of reverting to their variable rate of 5.26% (comparison rate) or extend for a further 36 months @ 4.29% (comparison). They also offer 1 year fixed - 4.34%; 2 yrs - 4.31%; and 5 years - 4.54%. What do you advise?
A: Hi Anthony,
I would advise shopping around before making a decision. Most brokers have access to 30+ lenders and the rates you quoted seem a bit high compared to some I've recently secured for my clients. You could save quite a bit of money if you're not romantic about staying with your current lender. Hope this helps :)
Q: I often see banks and car loan providers advertising their comparison rates. What exactly is a comparison rate and is it the best way to compare mortgages and loans?
A: Hi Tom,
Yes it's always best to look at the comparison rate because this rate takes into account fees and charges over a specified time. Each lender works this out differently. Have a look at the fine print to see what loan amount and over what time they are calculating this. Hope this helps.