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Mark S.
Mark S.
City East, QLD

Hi, My agent called Monday to arrange a showing of my home on Thursday/Friday to buyers. Never showed. The following Wednesday, unannounced he turns up. I was still in dressing gown and the place needed a little tidying up. Showing was embarrassing and didn't go well. Buyers didn't come back. Is this normal practice for agents, or is there something wrong with mine? Thank you.

4 years ago


Hi Mark,
That's disgraceful, I wouldn't put up with it. I imagine you have a signed exclusivity period so you won't be able to sack them yet but I would pay the principle of the office a visit tomorrow and demand some sort of compensation and a much improved level of service. I would be asking for an Increased size of the local newspaper ad or an extra ad at a minimum
Good luck


Would definitely agree with this comment. You may not be able to get out of the agreement although you can certainly ask for more than the original contract as that is shocking behavior.

Hi Mark,

You should absolutely be looking for another agent.

Alternatively, you could look at a site like PurpleBricks.com.au or BuyMyPlace.com.au.

You won't have the same issue as both companies/agencies are working harder now than ever to prove themselves.

Good luck.

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