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Frank C.
Frank C.
Manly, NSW

How do I find a buyer's agent for investment property?

5 years ago


Hi Frank
Firstly, congratulations on seeking the services of a quality buyer's agent. That's very wise.
Most investors should engage a buyer's agent as the vast majority of properties on the market are not 'investment grade' so it's madness to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an ineffective and/or overpriced property, or miss out due to competition for the best properties. I expect I'm preaching to the converted but I say these things for the benefit of others who maybe unaware of the significant advantages of a buyer's agent as opposed to believing they can select the wheat from the chaff, and outmanoeuvre a sales/ marketing agent working hard for the vendor. Good luck with that.
There are any number of buyer's agents so finding one isn't difficult. The hard part is finding a good one with experience in your preferred market/s, and who doesn't just recommend new properties (they are not buyer's agents).
I've work closely with 2 truly independent buyer's agencies over some years, so I know them from the inside. Depending on what you want and where, I'd happily recommend either to you. Please advise if you wish details.

Hi Frank

I would recommend a good place to start is the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (http://www.pipa.asn.au). They have QPIA buyer's agents who have completed further education and must do a certain amount of professional development to maintain this accreditation. There would be many buyer's agents out there who are not part of this body however I would think anyone who has invested in their own professional development and being part of this body would be of a high calibre.

All the best. Amy.

Hi Frank,

It is highly recommended to find a buyer's agent that specialises in investment property. Most buyer's agents work with owner-occupiers, but a purchase for a client to live in themselves is very different to a property which will make for a good investment. It is also important that an investment property is matched to the client's personal needs and goals as not every property on the market will be suitable. A buyer's agent who spends time working with a client initially to ascertain their investment strategy, risk profile and financial situation will more than likely find a property which is better suited to their needs.
I agree with Amy above that the best place to start would be the PIPA website (www.pipa.asn.au) and find a buyer's agent that is also a Property Investment Adviser. This will ensure that you find someone that will act in your best interests only.
As a Property Investment Adviser and Buyer's Agent based in Sydney I am more than happy to answer any further questions you may have, feel free to get in touch below.

Kind regards,

STRAND Property Group

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