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IPS is a full service International Property Investment and Development Company specifically for offshore investors wanting to enter high yield International property markets.
IPS guarantee returns above 8%NET plus capital growth

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Q: I’m 61 and planning on retiring in 4 or 5 years. My question is about superannuation as I’d like some advice of how much I can put into my super and is a self-managed fund a good idea at my age?
A: Hi Fred

You need to get professional advice from Financial Advisor. To setup a SMSF you need to have a certain amount in the fund for it to be worth while.

Q: USD interest

I have > $250k sitting in a zero interest acct in the US. I am awaiting a drop in the Aud before bringing home.

I think the US share market is at a high and so do not think Shares or ETF's will preserve the capital. I dont think I can have a USD interest bearing account as a foreigner.

Any thought on where I could park this money?
A: Hi Mike

I have a U.S property investment company that guarantees above 8% NET returns for Australian Investors. Hold your money in the property market earning strong returns and capital growth while you wait for dollar to drop.

If you are interested to discuss in more detail please send me an email ben@ips-mp.com or visit

Q: I am about to setup a Pty Ltd company (July 2017) and would like to know if my company can pay my residential rent. I can't seem to find anything online / ATO re this ?
A: Hi Brad

Im not an accountant - however my understanding, you can only pay rent from the company if you are using the property for business purposes. You will not be able to deduct the full rent amount as company expense. You need to work out the % of the property you are using for business e.g the sqm of the office space and work out the portion as % to the overall sqm of the property.

Speak to your accountant for advice on a fair % you can expenses.

I have a home office and expense 22% of the rent towards my business.

If ATO audits your business, they will need proof you are operating business out of your home. When I was audited they came to the house to see the office setup to approve my rent expense.

Hope that helps.

Q: Putting money into super.

I don't have any superannuation and am 60 years old with no income or Centrelink payments. I have been given $100,000 and am wondering should I set up a SMSF and put this into it or should I put it into a managed super fund.

How much can I put in prior to June 30th? What are the implications of putting the $100,000 into a fund?
A: Dear Helen,

This all depends on your investment strategy. Im assuming if you have no income, ideally you are looking to get a positive cash flow from the $100,000 to live off now. Is that correct? I would be happy to discuss investments that will get you above 8% return per year.

You can only contribute $35,000 into your superannuation before 30th June. From 1st July it will be $25,000 per year.

Hope that helps.