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Mark Butler

Insurance Broker
Safeguard Life
Melbourne, Victoria
Safeguard Life is a specialist Risk Insurance business based in Lt Collins st, that assists with both Personal and Business Protection. That includes Life, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection for the individual to protect themselves, families or equity within a business (Capital & Revenue - Keyman, and Buy/Sell Cover for Partnerships).

My Activity

Q: NRL Grand Final, who will win

Sydney Roosters or Melbourne Storm?
A: Storm by plenty
Q: AFL Grand Final, who will win

West Coast Eagles or Collingwood Magpies?
A: West Coast against the odds, by 22 points
Q: Hi, would like to ask if anyone would be happy to recommend a Real Estate Agent in Mornington?
A: Give Brett Trebilcock a call at Hocking Stuart 0439 209891. Terrific fella who knows that area.
Q: Job Opportunity
Para Planner at a Life Insurance Advisory Business based in Little Collins St Melbourne CBD.
Salary Package $75 - $85K.
Key Responsibilities Include: Administration management; Preparation of SOA's & maintenance of templates; New Client Implementation; Insurer Data Downloads & CRM maintenance (XPLAN); Compliance Reviews, file management & register updates; Client communication & strategy implementation
To apply, please send resume to mbutler@safeguardlife.com.au ?
Q: I am going back and forth about whether to register a business (sole trader or partnership) vs registering a company. We are startup creative production house (up to now we've been making student films and personal independent projects) and given the nature of industry (creative arts - music/film/tv), I am sure we are going to run at a loss. Having said that I want to protect myself and team within the business. What is your suggestion or recommendations?
A: Hi Charah,
I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are after, however if you all have certain skill sets in your business, have you thought about Insurance, in the form of Key man? In other words if one of you were to fall sick with an illness, have an accident and unable to work how would this affect the business, in terms of revenue and man power? Let me know if you would like to discuss further.
Mark Butler
Q: I am a Director of a growing small business and have a mutual agreement with my partner to buy him out at the end of this calendar year. It's a reasonably significant amount, so will need to borrow the money. What's the best way to go about this? Can I borrow the money through the business or do I do it personally? Both my personal and business financials are quite sound.
A: Hi Jarrod,
Something else you may like to consider is Buy/Sell Cover which is generally not well covered for an Involuntary departure within a Partnership Agreement (legal document) or Rule Book, which you should have in place rather than a mutual verbal agreement.
Buy/Sell cover and Key Man cover would relevant to your business especially if the business is growing in value.
Please get in touch should you like to discuss further.

Mark Butler
Q: I get phone calls from people almost weekly selling life insurance, what is it and is it worth getting? Can it be bought using superannuation funds?
A: Yes Michael, it is worth getting but maybe not from a weekly phone call (direct insurance) due to their excessive premiums.
If you have dependants and loved ones, and debt then you will have vulnerability.
Also yes it can be funded from Super monies, tax effectively so this should be considered as it can make it very affordable without affecting your cash flow.
Please contact me should you like to chat further.

Mark Butler
Q: Our business has 3 partners and after 2 years together we have started discussing how we can protect the business and our families. What type of insurance should we be looking at?
A: Hi Chris,
There are two type of Insurance you need to consider which are best set up separate to your personal cover (but still related).
Key Man Cover & Buy/Sell Cover.

We (Safeguard Life) are Insurance specialists in this are, and can give you the right advice with the right product in the market which as a broker we can source for you.
Please refer to our website (which is about to be revamped) which has details. www.safeguardlife.com.au

Please contact me directly should you like to discuss on 0418778899

Mark Butler
Associate Principle
Q: I have just had my fourth child and my wife would like me to update our life insurance, How do i work out the amount?
A: Agree with all the answers, but don't forget to insure your wife also and look after yourself as well if something untoward was to happen.
Q: How do you know if you need life insurance?
A: Hi Tom, the short and sweet answer is...Do you have loved ones that you need to protect? Typically those who start to think about Life Insurance have either just got married, bought a home (so now have debt) or may have just had a baby. All three of these things can change the mind set of people (well you'd hope so to some degree).
If this is you, yes you need to look at protecting yourself.
Feel free to contact me on 0418778899 to have a further chat.

Mark Butler
Safeguard Life
Q: What is an appropriate level of insurance one should take out for themselves, including, life, Trauma & Income Insurance? Also we are a young couple with 2 kids in our early 30's is it better to take our level premiums or stepped premium options?
A: Hi there, thanks for your question. It is often difficult to know levels of cover, however this is generally determined by lifestyle, level of debt, income, and if any surplus income (which with 2 kids is often difficult). With out this info I would still suggest you consider a minimum of $1m life cover, at least enough TPD cover home debt (assuming you will have Income Protection). Both Life & TPD can be structured through Super, so you should consider this as it is more tax effective and will not affect cash flow. (Keeping in mind it will effect your retirement savings). In terms of Trauma, as much as you can afford would be my suggestion. It is the more luxury type, as it is not tax effective and more expensive, but one in my experience does happen and can make a massive difference to ones recovery without upsetting the family economics.
Plenty to discuss, so feel free to ask me more questions.
Mark Butler 0418778899