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Q: I just started my own business and want some some advice of when I need to get an ABN and register for GST
A: It's actually 75k as Jennifer said.. not 50k!!.. no advice here general only don't act or rely this information!. go and speak to an accountant. get set up properly and pay for their advice. their professionals and that's what they do. they'll make sure you meet your obligations. again as jennifer said you may be required to be registered depending on the industry Whether you make $0 or >$75k. be careful! Just call an accountant there's a million of them. you have to be prepared to pay for real advice to act on. and yes you should have an abn already but . don't take my word for it. Accounts Domain.
Good luck with your new business. I think Jennifer is a CPA _ ( certified practising Accountant ) from her profile details... give her a call.
good luck!!
Q: I am a small business owner. I need a cash injection of about 20k to expand my business? What is the best way of doing this, redraw on my home loan? Take out a new business loan? What are the various costs and implications? Thxs
A: Hi Stephenie,

I would be seeking advice from your accountant 1st before doing anything like redrawing. There are a number of ways you can access the cash injection however of not structured correctly could have a negative effect/impact on things like tax deductibility especially if this is for business purposes the interest of the money used 'could' be tax deductible etc. remember this forum is very general advice and you should seek advice specific to your needs from a qualified person in that area. it's more than just getting the money from somewhere. be careful just redrawing the money or unlocking the equity etc. You certainly would want to separate it for accounting purposes.
General advice only - please seek or speak to your accountant 1st.
hope this helps!
Q: Can anyone recommend any really good home budgeting tools? I used to bank with CBA who offered some really good tools that integrated with my accounts but my new provider doesn't have anything like this.
A: Hello Micah,
a good budget tool can be found on the asic website or by searching for asic money smart budget planner or copying and pasting the below addres:

Hope this helps!
Kind regards,
Q: Unsure if my husband and I should take out life insurance and what institution should I approach?
A: Antonella all the above answers are on point, speaking to an adviser to make sure your overall personal situation is a must. I would recommend speaking with one sooner rather than later. one thing to note with insurances especially life / trauma (critical illness) and income protection is that the earlier you obtain the cover the better (in general terms) as with age these insurance become more expensive and harder to obtain.. generally the younger and healthier you are when these are obtained the cheaper it will be in the long run. there are many factors that will determine the right amount over covers suitable for your needs. and many factors that will determine the cost to you. you should seek advice for your specific needs etc. hope this helps.