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Acacia Insurance - Insurance Advisernet

Insurance Broker
North Sydney, New South Wales
0414 290446
Our philosophy is based on bringing years of corporate expertise to everyday SME, commercial and corporate business.

In an insurance market that is becoming increasingly commoditised, even at the corporate end, we often find that insurance programmes are not sufficiently tailored to meet the needs of organisations now and into the future. Or, they're simply poorly constructed, exposing the client organisation to unexpected loss.

We have an outstanding team with a high degree of expertise, which collectively has over 85 years of industry experience at the pointy end of risk challenge, policy construction, and placement.

Acacia Insurance is locally owned and operated, and, as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet, has access to industry-leading resources, compliance, and research, which is leveraged to the benefit of our clients.

My Activity

Q: How do you go about arranging a quote for comprehensive car insurance through a broker, rather than direct with the insurers? (Question resubmitted, minus typos!)
A: Hi Simon
A few options here, if you get on to insuranceadviser.net you can get an adviser in your local area to help you.

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Proud to be part of the Insurance Advisernet Network
At Acacia Insurance, we’re proud to be part of Insurance Advisernet.
Not only do our clients benefit from being part of our network, but so does the community!
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