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Q: Comment: Come on Australian Home Loan borrowers, we need to reverse these headlines

• 85% of Australian mortgage holders don’t know their home loan rate
• Most Australian home loan customers are paying way more than needed on their mortgage

Let’s be more proactive to find out the interest rate on our home loans and call your lender today to get a better rate. If you’re not sure how simply ask a question or call your mortgage or finance broker to help.

Could one call save you thousands?
A: Hi Paul, I read your comment and called our bank..they reduced our rate from 4.49% to 4.19%... very happy

Q: I’m interested to get some advice on the questions I should be asking real estate agents before making a decision on who to choose to help sell our home?
Q: Our house is at the front of a 1200 square metre block and we are thinking of building a granny flat out the back to rent out and obtain additional income. Apart from obtaining council approval and building quotes, is there anything we need to be aware from a finance perspective?