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larry s.
larry s.
Niddrie, VIC

Have you used a buyer's agent or buyer's advocate to purchase a home? What has the experience been like? Do they offer good value for money?

4 years ago


Hi Larry, some of my clients have used them before and had a great experience with them. Buyers agents/advocates suit buyers who are time poor and lack property knowledge. In some case's they're able to negotiate better terms and buying price of the property.

Similar to finance brokers like myself, clients use our services to save time, for our guidance and in most cases to save money.

It probably would be best for you to sit down with a buyers agent/advocate and find out how they can assist you in purchasing a suitable property and go from there.

All the best,

Daniel Huy

Hi there Larry.
Daniel is quite right. It's best to sit down and interview them to make sure they they understand what you're looking for.

Hey Larry,

I've used one personally a number of times. Interviewing and finding the right one that works with you and your style in my experience is critical.

NB - I've only used one for investment properties never for my personal home.

In my experience the outcome was worth every single cent I invested in paying a professional.


Hi Larry,

All great comments above from everyone!

I would just add one more comment. The service you are paying for, like any other in real estate, is for loyalty and trust ,and your best interests, thus educating and empowering you to make the most informed and educated decision.

It is crucial to find someone who is free from ulterior motives or pressures that may influence your final decision. You must feel confident that they are adding value by being involved e.g. making you money or saving you money.

This should be underpinned by a healthy track record with previous clients.

All the very best with your property decisions.


Pete Sachs

Larry, as discussed in my video reply check out this link from realestate.com.au that has some pretty helpful hints...


All the best mate and visit www.thirdigroup.com.au if you want to learn more about my company



Hi Larry,

If you are still considering enlisting the services of a Buyers Agent, I'd love to meet with you for a complimentary consultation. We're independent Buyers Agents and Property Managers based in Niddrie VIC also.

We work exclusively for and are paid directly by our client (the buyer), so there are no hidden loyalties or commissions to create a conflict of interest.

I'm a Licensed Estate Agent with over 15 years experience in Real Estate Sales and Property Management before launching our independent Buyers Advocacy Agency with my wife Michelle Errichiello in 2014.

Best wishes for your search and purchase, looking forward to an opportunity to assisting you on the journey.

Mark Errichiello
Principal Buyers Agent
0408 988 118

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