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Michael  C.
Michael C.
Edith, NSW

Following on from the previous question, if something untoward was to happen is there a maximum time frame in which we could claim income protection insurance while the pub was being rebuilt?

4 years ago


Hi Michael,
You'd really have to speak to your insurance broker about that, as it'd probably be different on different policies.

Sorry I couldn't be of any more help on this one


Hi Michael,

Income Protection would only apply to you if you were sick or injured and unable to return back to work. It would have nothing to do with the pub being damaged or rebuilt. These are unfortunately separate insurances.(I know, MORE ASSETS, MORE INSURANCE.)

You can choose the proportion you wish to insure up to a maximum of 75% of your income. You also choose the maximum amount of time you would receive monthly payments which is up to age 65 in most cases and a waiting period that can range from 14 days up to 2 years.

The payment will depend on your ability to return back to work or the total benefit period applicable.

I hope this helps with your query.


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Hi Michael
As others have said, you wouldn’t be able to claim on your income protection unless you were sick or injured and had a loss of income as a result.

Renovations on a business wouldn’t be covered under a business interruption either unless it was due to damage from a storm or fire, etc.

The best way to remember is:
Income protection pays if you are unable to work and;
Business Insurance pays if your premises can’t work.
I hope that helps.

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