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David H.
David H.
Speers Point, NSW


Just wanting to work out my concessional contributions for the financial year ending 30 June 2019.

I do not want to exceed the $25k Cap.

Do I calculate my Salary Sacrifice and Employer Contributions from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019, or by the actual amounts that were deposited into my Account. I know there is a timing difference as it is generally deposited by the 21st day of the month after its been earned/sacrificed.

Many thanks in advance.

1 days ago

I am looking for investors who might be looking for a change from the same old same old avenues. My company is mining Crypto Currencies and we have an opportunity for investor's to get involved. We are an Australian company registered with ASIC. And our Investment offer's returns equal to 20-40% per annum. Currently running at 27%.
Where can i find people who might be interested in having a look at what we offer ?
I call hundreds of Australian's a week and many have not even heard of this industry.
here is a brief introduction to what we do ...

What is Bitcoin Mining ... How it works.

Mining Bitcoin is a bit like a bank taking fee's when you use an ATM.

Around the world approximately 250 thousand times a day there are transactions made between two parties , buying and selling Bitcoin. Everytime one of those transactions happens , it needs to be verified as true and correct.

This verification is done by very powerful computers that solve algorithm's that each transaction create's. The first computer to solve the algorithm gets paid a fee in Bitcoin. This is how Bitcoin is minted. After the first computer solves the algorithm then multiple other computers also check to see if the transaction is true and correct before the transaction is deemed successful. However only the first computer gets paid.

This is called Proof of Work.

The investment opportunity , would be a great conversation !

last month
Annie M.
Annie M.
Closeburn, QLD

There are two of us - with a $280k mortgage, and plenty of equity (no other investments).

A. 63yo with let's say $150k super and "retired"(but no pension). It's so low due to being in and out of a very fickle workforce (and recent (successful) cancer surgery), the life insurance component ate it up - thanks AMP...

B. 53yo (me) with great income and massive super (great employer, permanent role) and obviously some ways to go before retirement (and a $70k windfall pending but goodness knows when - never bank on it).

The question is - would it be beneficial in the long term to withdraw some of A's super (tax free) to reduce the home loan?

With B's income there is plenty of scope to either keep paying the higher mortgage payments for an early payout OR pay lower payments and more into super - need to reduce the pressure on A whose age is and issue getting back into this particular workforce (although we could never prove that). Or possibly gives us more disposable income to enjoy precious life a bit more.

As we age there is always the option of downsizing too - would leave us well in profit. So I am comfie that we will be OK in retirement. But is it a savvy financial decision??

2 months ago
New Farm, QLD

I am thinking of gifting a friend's newborn with a $1000 investment in Spaceship Voyager's Universe portfolio. It is a new fund with ZERO fees up to $5000. No other hidden fees involved. The annual management fee moves to 0.10% after $5000. I like it because it provides a platform that is well suited to the millennial generation and beyond and since my investment is below $5000, it will be free. There are no in-out/brokerage fees.

I understand there are now high taxes imposed on children's unearned income (? income taxed at 66% once it exceeds $416pa). My question is, will this be imposed on the income from the portfolios dividends? And what kind of share portfolio value would yield more than $416 a year (I know this could be a wide range but am just curious if anyone had a rough idea)?

I have been told insurance bonds are another alternative and that low-cost ETFs are another option. I just wanted a platform that would be more targeted towards the younger generation and love how simple the platform provides a way to learn a little bit about different stocks on a mobile device.

P.S if anyone is interested in trying the platform themselves, if you use this link (www.goo.gl/sBDuCa) we will both get $20 to invest in the portfolio. I think if you sign up through the app without the link like I did, you won't get any free money to invest.

2 months ago
Susan W.
Susan W.
Karana Downs, QLD

Hi I am 68 and retired. My accountant has suggested I put all the money from my superannuation account into an income stream as the profits are now being taxed at 15%. However I must withdraw 5% every year. At present I don’t need this money Wouldnt I be better off to leave it in the accumulation account where it is earning a reasonable amount? If I withdraw it I will have to pay more than 15% on any earnings. Or should I just travel more?

2 months ago