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RentersCard is the new simple way to apply for properties! Sign up for free, complete your application, save it, re-use it. This will help you get noticed, even with no rental history. Forget cover letters and offering more money, apply with RentersCard today. If you need help moving, RentersCard's Connect Up service can also connection all your utilities for free and make sure it is actually stress free. No more dealing with telemarketers. One click and your connected. Let RentersCard handle the rest. Join the rental revolution.

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RentersCard for property managers

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How RentersCard is revolutionising the rental market.
RentersCard is a rental portal and mobile app that aims to make it easier for property searchers to secure a place to rent by pre-verifying their application and saving agents time. ...
Q: Hi, My agent called Monday to arrange a showing of my home on Thursday/Friday to buyers. Never showed. The following Wednesday, unannounced he turns up. I was still in dressing gown and the place needed a little tidying up. Showing was embarrassing and didn't go well. Buyers didn't come back. Is this normal practice for agents, or is there something wrong with mine? Thank you.
A: Hi Mark,

You should absolutely be looking for another agent.

Alternatively, you could look at a site like PurpleBricks.com.au or BuyMyPlace.com.au.

You won't have the same issue as both companies/agencies are working harder now than ever to prove themselves.

Good luck.
Q: Hello im 16 and wanting to live independently, how would i go about renting a unit through a real estate and am i aloud?
A: HI Jazzi,

You are able to rent at 16. You can do this either through a property manager or privately.

What you need to consider when finding a place to rent though is whether or not you can meet the following criteria;

1) Can you afford to pay the rent? You either need to have an income (or other allowance such as Centerlink). Depending on the amount of rent required each week, that weekly rent amount must be 30% or less than your total income or allowance. A basic example would be, if you were earning $1000 per week, it would be unlikely that you would be approved for a rental that requires $300+ per week.

2) If you don't have your parents support, you will need excellent references and/or possibly a guarantor. This is someone who would be willing to put their name on the lease agreement so that if you were ever unable to make the rent payments or break lease, the landlord/property manager will still receive rent.

3) If you don't have any previous rental history, then you will also need some excellent personal references (most likely from your employer, friends or family).

It does depend on the landlord/homeowner ultimately. Just remember that if you are renting through a property manager, they have processes to go through and need to ensure they have done some due diligence.

RentersCard.com.au is a service that will help you complete an online rental application for free.

You can complete it once, save it and send as many applications to as many property managers as you need.

If you want to find a place to rent in a share house, you can also share your RentersCard profile easily to potential housemates.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at helpme@renterscard.com.au
Q: Hello SimplyAskIt community!

Does anyone know of an innovative real estate agency who is interested in disrupting the rental market?
Q: When applying for a rental, is the landlord thee persons who make the final decision on who rents the property. And can a real estate have a application in before the landlord has even brought the property, but throw other applicants out without calling references, even when the landlord has been in contact with you everyday and spoke to the real estate about myself.?
A: Hi Amanda,

Ultimately, the person who owns the property makes the final decision.

Whether it is a property manger or private landlord, they can only shortlist the applicants, but due to liability they won't be able to approve you for a property without the consent of the homeowner.

It is very competitive in this market and some property managers/landlords will not look at or assess all the applications that come through (they are very time poor).

95% of the time, they will shortlist the top 3 (if there are that many applications) and forward to the homeowner.

Just remember, the property manager and landlord will need to do a number of checks before they can send your application to the homeowner. They need to be sure of your identity, can afford the listed rental amount and you don't have any previous negative history.

We are living in a time where it is very easy to create fake online profiles and provide false contact details to landlords and property managers to contact as references.

The best tool they have really when assessing rental applications is their experience and background checking systems.

This is why a platform like RentersCard.com.au can help you streamline your experience when trying to secure a property, but it will also help you prove "you are who you say you are" and provide you a competitive edge in the rental market by empowering you to stand out to property managers and landlords.

Best of luck with your searching.

Happy renting!
Q: I'm thinking of buying an investment property/holiday home, was thinking of leasing the upper level of a 2 story home permanently and using the lower level as holiday accommodation for my family, just a thought looking for advice?
A: Hi Mark C,

If you are looking at renting out the upper floors, a free service like RentersCard can help you find the right tenant for your property.


Simply ask your potential tenant to apply for your property through RentersCard and out system handles the rest.

Q: I'm trying to get a home loan. The problem is, we're both on Disability pensions and both been bankrupt before. Finding a lender is proving to be an astronomical task. Can you suggest anyone that would help? We do have a good deposit.
A: Hi Allison, not sure if these guys can help, but maybe looking at someone like www.loandolphin.com.au
Q: My partner and I are renters in Sydney and applying for new units in Pyrmont. We are excellent tenants and have been in the same unit happily for almost 4 years, but have had at least 3 unsuccessful applications recently. Are homeowners/property managers looking for a certain percentage higher on the asking prices in competitive areas? How can we increase the competitiveness of our application?
A: Hi Lauren T,

One of my business partners came across your post recently and we thought it might be nice to reach out.

Sydney is definitely the most cut-throat rental market in Australia, but standing out in a crowded market has always been tough.

RentersCard.com.au is a new service that provides the tools to do exactly what you have described and put your best foot forward, all in one go everytime.
With RentersCard, it's one application, saved, used forever.

Please contact myself via email on ash@renterscard.com.au to organise a quick call so I can help both of you understand what you can do to streamline this process and your next move.

We love helping young people like yourselves and we believe there is a better way to find a rental in today's market.

We hope that you will find RentersCard.com.au life changing and can tell all your friends about it soon.