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I am in Victoria and my baby is due end of June 2019.
Is it better to take maternity pay from work at half or full pay?
My work pays 10 weeks full or 20 weeks half pay. I have accrued 5 weeks of annual leave.
I am only planning to be on maternity leave until there is no income.
Therefore I am considering: 5 weeks annual leave (ends July), 10 weeks full work paid mat leave (ends Sept), then Govt paid leave to start in the last 2 weeks of Sept lasting until end of Jan).
This is 7 months of maternity leave, I return to work in February 2020
Does this arrangement work out better, or would half work pay at 20 weeks, in tandem with Govt Pay at 18 weeks work out better tax wise?

3 weeks ago
Shaun B.
Shaun B.
Westleigh, NSW

Hi there,

I have been working for the same company for 9 years and have been offered a redundancy package. I’m trying to calculate my entitlements and I’d like to ask if I should do the calculations from the time they made the offer or to my last day which would be in 6 weeks. Do I include a percentage long service leave as an entitlement even though I’m 6 months away from 10 years’ service?

5 months ago