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2 months ago

in a situation where things happen at once. can afford to pay - but because of what happen - they say i can not afford it. but feel i if that i can if given the chance to get everything pay in one go(all debts and car repairs etc) leaves about $200 /$250 a f/n for repayments. just what a break to get thing right. sick of jumble between thing and never getting ahead. need someone to help. just want to pay what i owe and get ahead

9 months ago
Mark B.
Mark B.
Adelaide, SA

I've recently applied for a personal loan with a lender and was approved, however I haven't signed and accepted the loan yet. Whilst it was being approved however i've found another lender which looks like they will be reasonably cheaper.

My question is if it's OK to instead apply through the second lender even though I was approved with the first? I was reading this article: https://creditmadesimple.com.au/does-taking-a-personal-loan-affect-your-credit-score/ which says that applying for personal loans can impact your credit score, so im concerned if I apply for the second loan I might be denied and then not be able to use the first lenders offer anymore.

Appreciate any advice!

2 years ago
Vaibhao J.
Vaibhao J.
Kogarah, NSW

Hi, my wife and I are searching for the banks who offer 95% home loan. We are interested in the brand new apartment costing around $660000. We are employed by non-profit Govt organisation and our joint annual income is $147,000 (pre-tax). We have clean credit history (car loan finished, and no existing loan) with two daughters (2y and 8y old). Resident in Kogarah NSW 2217 for 6 years and got our Australian citizenship this year. If we are first time home buyer, what options do we have?

3 years ago

In light of the Banking Royal Commissions recommendation to have the upfront commissions currently paid to mortgage brokers by lenders changed to a fee for service model over the next couple of years, can we ask:

Do people believe consumer’s would be prepared to pay an upfront free to a mortgage broker to help them obtain a suitable home loan?

What impact would such a change have on consumers?

What impact would such a change have on the home loan industry?

3 years ago