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InezF A.
InezF A.
City, ACT

Which is the most effective textile for apparel?

Fabrics are quite important for an apparel product. Besides, they are the really raw material where any kind of provided clothing is made. However at this moment, you could ask which is the best textile for clothing. Well, you may think of 100 percent pure cotton is the best fabric. But it is not what you assume. There are lots of disadvantages of putting on clothing made up of cotton. Thus, the very best material is none besides ring-spun cotton, which is a modified version of cotton. Brand names like Bella canvas make use of ring-spun cotton. Visit here - https://www.blankstyle.com/.

2 weeks ago
Dale A.
Dale A.
St Kilda, VIC

There are three partners in the business, it’s a digital media business. I work in the business full time, one partner is part time and the other works a full time job but helps out every now and then. I am wanting to put a shareholders agreement together but the others are assisting on equal share each. I am finding this difficult as I’m doing 80% of the work and generating the little revenue we have and it has become a bit of a disincentive to work harder as the rewards are not commensurate with the effort and contribution. How do I handle the predicament respectfully so everyone feels it has been handled appropriately and we can maximise the opportunity? Thank you

2 years ago
Nathan R.
Nathan R.
Waratah, NSW

Along with 2 other partners we are about to set up a food distribution business, each of us will be directors and have equal shareholding. The question we have is two directors who want to have their shares in their family company name and the director want their shares to be just in a business name, not a pty ltd.

Does anyone see this as a problem and does it represent any risks to any of us as directors?

3 years ago