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Hi, I was made redundant on 21 Dec and was expecting the final payout to be provided in the next pay run a fortnight later. The company then went into Voluntary Administration on 24 Dec and all remaining employees were sent a termination letter on that very day.

My question here is, do I stand in the same priority line as the terminated employees when the Administrator disburses any remaining funds? Am I one step down the line because the Administrator is not responsible for me? Or is this something I CAN take up with Fairwork and claim my rights?

5 years ago

Job Opportunity
Para Planner at a Life Insurance Advisory Business based in Little Collins St Melbourne CBD.
Salary Package $75 - $85K.
Key Responsibilities Include: Administration management; Preparation of SOA's & maintenance of templates; New Client Implementation; Insurer Data Downloads & CRM maintenance (XPLAN); Compliance Reviews, file management & register updates; Client communication & strategy implementation
To apply, please send resume to mbutler@safeguardlife.com.au ?

6 years ago
N S.
N S.
Sydney, NSW

Was unable to do performance review this year as my manager resigned & then I went overseas on approved leave. While overseas, HR processed my performance review. When I came back, I told my next level manager & he kept assuring me I had nothing to worry about. But when it came to pay review, I was not given a pay rise. Now HR & management says it was because I was rated below target in performance review. When I disputed, they found small faults which were never mentioned to me. Is this unfair?

6 years ago
Paul H.
Paul H.
Burnside, QLD

Hi there,
There is no category listed for my query regarding tertiary education so I’m just putting it out there. Long story short, My wife is doing a diploma in nursing, the company she signed up with went down the gurgler, after a six week period in limbo another company took over at the same place under a new banner with the same muppets running the show. Since such time it has gone from pretty ordinary to really bad. What type of solicitor deals with education issues?

7 years ago