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We have too many loans and want to see if we consolidate a $485,000 home loan, personal loan $7,000 and 3 credit cards $17,000. The rate on our loan is 4.29% with Westpac and the house would be worth around $750,000.

Can we get a lower rate and what would the repayments be? thanks

2 years ago

Hi Megan,
We’re you able to get this sorted? Would you like some help preparing your application?
Best regards


Hi Megan,

A great time to be taking advantage of low interest rates and one simplified repayment.
You could get rates as low as 3.58% and a monthly repayment of $2,308.53 per month on an owner occupied principal and interest facility.

Of course, we would need to spend a few moments discussing your scenario and would love to help you with that.



Hi Megan,
Based on the value of your property & your total debt, indicative interest rate would be approx 3.65% but will depend on your specific circumstances.

On face value there should be no issue with rolling the personal loan & the credit cards into your home loan provided there are no late payments. So, to be able to determine if you are able to obtain these low rates I would need to know more about your financial situation.

I am local to Patterson Lakes, so would be happy to discuss your options.

Peter Dall
0414 583 233

Hi Megan
We are rather local
Naturally you can investigate a number of options
However , one advantage of using a broker is that we are compelled to complete a full fact find and establish exactly what best suits and be candid in the ramifications of each decision
So many variables
Do NOT look at Rate alone as a number of cheaper rates have higher costs which affect what the industry must disclose .... Comparison Rate ( the real cost of the loan )
So unfortunately your request is not as simple as you would have hoped .
I recommend

Meet a quality qualified Mortgage Broker in person and have a robust discussion
The broker will address the facts and provide a Preliminary Assessment for your consideration
The decision of which lender needs your input as so many clients live to regret ....

I hope this all makes some sense

0411 696 696

Hi Megan,

The short answer is yes you can. The long answer is that you will need to undergo a full assessment and analysis of your financial position and your goals and needs before we can recommend a product for you.
If you are able to tick all the boxes for a base variable rate home loan you would definitely get a lower rate.
If you jump on our Facebook pages Jacqui Milway (Keysborough) or I would be happy to meet with you to make the assessment
Best of luck

Hi Megan,

As Scott has mentioned I am close to your location and would be happy to meet and discuss your individual needs and see what we can do to help you.

I myself refinanced a year ago and rolled everything into the home loan. With interest rates so low at the moment there are some great deals.

But as everyone has mentioned depending on your individual situation what other needs you may have eg. Offset Account, Redraw facilities etc. this will all dictate what package is best suited for you.

I can be contacted on 0431.156.001 if you would like to organize a time for me to come and meet with you for a No Obligation Meeting.

Good luck,


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