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Steven R.
Steven R.
Lenah Valley, TAS

What are indexed international shares for superannuation mean?

And how do they blend with an indexed balance fund

2 years ago


Hi Steven,

It will be an investment option within your super that tracks an index of international shares.

Just like the ASX200 or all ords are reported on the news each night (both are indexes) there are indexes that track international markets - this investment option will just track one of those international indexes.


The indexed international shares will be 100% international shares.

The indexed balanced fund will track an index of Australian shares, an index of international shares and likely some kind of bond index all in one option. Depending on what super fund you are taking about they will have a different definition of ‘balanced’ and therefore different allocations to the different indexes to form the balanced option.

Speak with your accountant as they can advise better


Hi Mark, highly likely an accountant cannot advise.

There are very strict rules around what an accountant can and can’t do (big overhaul in this space about 12 to 18 months ago) and unless they are authorised to provide financial advice then they can’t advise.

Very serious consequences if they are found to be giving financial advise and not properly authorised to.


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